Bath & Body Works Flashback Fragrances Review

It’s Flashback Friday and I bring to you the 80’s and 90’s! Que up some Culture Cub please.

I made a little trip to Bath & Body Works yesterday and picked up some retro foaming hand soap. I got Vanilla Berry Sorbet, Wild Honeysuckle and Sun-Ripened Raspberry.


What I love about the Bath & Body Works Flashback collection.

I think it was really smart of B&BW to bring back scents that make people feel good. If you used Cucumber Melon lotion in high school that scent is going to remind you of good times and they are on sale for 70% off which is dangerous if your a B&BW addict. It’s soooooo easy to load up on these products which is why most of my friends and relative get them for Christmas and birthday.

So if you’re looking for some retro fun this weekend head on over to B&BW Freesia Fragrance Mist and party like it’s 1998.

What’s your favorite Flashback scent?

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