Essie Trio Review (great for a 5 minute manicure)

I have no time this week for a proper home manicure and my nails are a mess! Between swimming and sandals and digging for beach glass (my hobby) my fingers and toes look like something out of a horror movie. I’ve also been doing a “paint over” on my toes this Summer to save time so I had to remove 3 layers of polish which was so much fun!

Anyway a few weeks ago I picked up this cute Essie trio from Kohl’s and it was a perfect 5 minute fix for my nails.


What’s to love?

First up I really love Essie as a brand, their colors and staying power is amazing. I also loved that I found a trio for $9.99 +30% off at Kohl’s. So I got 3 bottles for the price of one.

This set has Forever Yummy (red), Mademoiselle (light pink) and Second Shine Around which is a polish refresher.

I quickly applied the red on my toes and light pink on my fingers and I now look human again! Nothing fancy but it only took me 5 minutes and my feet look so much better in sandals.

On a side note it’s getting harder and harder to paint my own toenails as I’m getting older and I like to do them at home. Anyone else have this problem? Oh the joys of aging.


7 thoughts on “Essie Trio Review (great for a 5 minute manicure)

  1. rosegoldpearlsxo says:

    I’ve heard sir great things about Essie and have yet to purchase one bottle! Lol I definitely have my eye on their fall collection of this year.
    Check out my recent blog post! I hope you’ll enjoy it. I’m just starting out and greatly appreciate support from other fellow beauty bloggers! 💕

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