Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid Review

I got two of the Urban Decay Naked Skin Color Correcting Fluid colors with my Sephora points and I’m pretty impressed.


A ton of companies are coming out with the Color Correcting Fluid and it’s fun to play with. The idea is that the colors corrects and conceals flaws, here’s the color chart.

Green – Covers redness.

Lavender – Brightens sallow skin and corrects yellow skin.

Peach – Covers blueness and dark eyes.

Pink – Helps with dullness and masks signs of fatigue.

Yellow – Covers purple and under eye dark circles.

What’s to love?

I tried out the Urban Decay Naked Peach and Green shades which cost $28 in the full-sized tube. I found both colors to be very thick with excellent coverage. They are actually so thick that you really need to blend to achieve your affect which is good.

I have a little bit of redness on my checks and was able to conceal it well with the Green shade. However I did feel like I needed some foundation over the concealer. Perhaps I’m not red enough!

The Peach color did an excellent job on my dark eyes and it worked really, really well because I do have bluish fair skin. I want to pick up the full-sized of the Peach color.

Overall I love these Naked color concealers, Urban Decay makes a super high-end product that I feel is worth the price. As I get older I need to even out my skin tone before I apply make-up. I think for anyone over 40 all 5 color concealers are a must-have.



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