Bath & Body Works Bubble Cool Jelly Bar Review

I just picked up 3 of the new Bath & Body Works Bubble Cool Jelly Bars and I am loving them.

What’s to love?

The Jelly Bars are a solid and super wiggly. You’ll need to hold onto these when they are wet but they are super fun! The lather is super soft and feels amazing on my skin and I love the scents. Of the 3 I got the Sunset Guava Colada was the strongest, it has a great fruit scent. I am really loving these! I hope they come out with holiday scent like Pumpkin Spice and Twisted Peppermint!

The new Bath & Body Works Jelly Bars come is fun Summer scents.

  • Boardwalk Marshmallow Clouds (Pink)
  • Beach Water Cocobut (Blue)
  • Sunset Guava Colada (Dark Pink)
  • Endless Weekend (Green)
  • Happy Vibes (Yellow)

Also be sure to check out my YouTube review on the Bath & Body Works Jelly Bars.


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Bonnie is a 49-year-old girl geek. She started her career as a geek way back in the 1970's after she saw Star Wars 37 times. She loves hanging out in cosmetics shops, writing about the latest beauty products, pop culture and retro topics. In her spare time she collects beach glass!
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3 Responses to Bath & Body Works Bubble Cool Jelly Bar Review

  1. Great post, definitely want to give this product a try

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