Why I Quit YouTube

In June of 2016 (on the heels of recovering from pneumonia) I started beauty blogging about my love for Lush, Tarte, Urban Decay, Bath & Body Works and all of my favorites and I loved it. I was writing (a lot) and it was fun.

About a year later I thought “Hey” why not start a YouTube channel and it was fun (at first). However, the problem with YouTube is that you always want more. More followers, more revenue, more engagement and that takes a lot of time and energy. I joined YouTube because I saw Grav3yard Girl using Lush shampoo bars and I also witnessed her subsequent fall. With YouTube you are at the mercy of the system and in recent years new (and old) creators haven’t faired very well.

In December of 2018 I decided to go all in and I created 2-3 videos per day to see if I could make some good revenue. My traffic went up, my followers went up and I was building a nice little community. The problem was that it was taking up WAY too much time, energy AND money (which I wasn’t getting back from YouTube). The dirty secret of vlogging is that you have to buy everything you review unless you’re lucky enough to get on a PR list which takes time and more money. I was also becoming an unintentional hoarder!

It took watching “Tidying Up” to realize that my beauty collection was getting way too big and adding more felt not only wasteful but a bit mental! Having over 100 Bath & Body Works products is enough : ) I love my collection but if I kept up in 2019 my collection would quadruple.

So I said good-bye to YouTube with a full on stop. Yes, I could have scaled back but it’s also a pain to film with lighting and editing so I just decided to end the channel. I hope my viewers understand. It was a hard decision but the right one. I’m now more relaxed and can focus on work, life, family and the dog. I may continue writing here as I love to write and share but blogging is a much smaller and easier commitment for me!

So onward and upward! Thank you all for sharing in my YouTube experiment. Now I just need to organize a little more.

PS – I’m back — My YouTube story continues (I’m back part-time)

I don’t need to go to B & BW’s for at least a year! : )

18 thoughts on “Why I Quit YouTube

  1. TheMakeupCase17 says:

    I thought about doing YouTube but I hate how I look/sound on camera. Plus I don’t have a proper camera to film with and I have NO patience for editing video (I have to do it every so often for the theme park site I write for and I hate doing it). Plus this is all just a hobby for me. If it became a “job” I know I wouldn’t like it anymore.

    Plus I’ve seen the epic collapse of a lot of big YouTubers and learning the truth about a lot of them (so many are just a bunch of money-hungry sellouts & hypocrites now). It just turned me off. I unsubbed from almost every big YouTuber as a result.

    • Janet Kay Fletcher says:

      Thank you Bonnie for being honest to your reasons! That is sharing your heart and following it! One has to be truthful and not feel guilty! You come first! It is hard sometimes, but in the end you have to take care of yourself. I will miss your postings and videos, but I understand your reasons. Please check in once and awhile so we know you are doing well. I loved getting to know you as you share in your passion! Many blessings to you! ❤

  2. sarahscupofbeauty says:

    I think it’s courageous to admit this. Because indeed, I’ve also become a hoarder for the purpose of my blog. But with blogging, it’s also easy to write about other things than only new products… I was contemplating to start a Youtube channel, but indeed I fear it’s going to cost a lot of money, energy and time… Great post. xoxo Sarah

    • Queen of the Girl Geeks says:

      Thanks! I really wanted YouTube to work. The metrics just weren’t there. You need a ton of views just to makes a few dollars and you end up buying a lot of product. Where as with the blog I can just buy a few things and review individually products. I also like writing more : )

  3. JACKY says:

    Thought I was going crazy when I couldn’t find you ANYWHERE! Found your blog this morning. Glad you’ll be getting some peace of mind. Will miss you, though. I’m a little older than you and was glad to see youTuber close to my age. Ah well….stay in balance, the Force be with you, make it so, etc………

  4. fortyflirtyfabulous says:

    Thanks for posting this! I was a little worried when you stopped posting on YouTube, and I just found that your channel was gone. I understand why you stopped it. I’ve been blogging for years and love it. I have thought about starting a YouTube channel but I realize how expensive it would be. So I am focusing on my blog and Instagram.
    I am so happy you will continue blogging, and I will continue to follow you because I love your unique voice and content!

  5. Queen of the Girl Geeks says:

    Thank you so much! It was a really hard decision and I thought about just leaving up the old content but then I’d have people commenting. I needed to make a clean break. YouTube is hard because there is so much set-up and editing involved and you can’t just review one product which I love. It’s more about the hauls and collections which gets expensive. I’m excited to get back to blogging. Thank you for following me : )

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