Avon Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir Review

Having just turned 50 I really needed to start using a daily anti-aging serum however I am really bad at keeping up with a routine. As a beauty blogger I tend to use up samples or beauty box finds and over the years I’ve found a few I like. La Mer is great but way to pricey for me and some of the other I’ve tried haven’t impressed me.

One of the reasons I signed up for Avon again was to use their Anew line which I used on and off in my 40’s with success.

Now at 50 I am ready for a solid anti-aging system again. I do have some fine lines, discoloration and thinning of my skin that I want to address.

So when Avon released the new Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir I was intrigued with trying a new formula.

Here’s the low down from Avon about how the Dual Elixir works:
The Avon Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir Review is two innovative formulas—a unique serum and a luxurious blend of precious oils—combine for one supreme elixir that’s 3X more powerful than a serum alone. The serum and oil are separated to preserve their potency…and even more powerful when they meet. Blend them together to activate and enhance their benefits for the ultimate youth-boosting skin care experience.
• Rare Tahitian Black Pearl Extract is shown to enhance skin’s ability to retain moisture—see a dramatic difference in deep wrinkles and skin radiance
• Camellia oil is rich in essential fatty acids, helping to improve skin’s texture and firmness
• Precious argan oil, or “liquid gold,” is rich in vitamin E to visibly infuse skin with radiant moisture
• Superior serum helps visibly restore age-related damage
• Hypoallergenic
• Allergy-tested
• Dermatologist-tested
• Non-comedogenic
• Absorbs quickly
• Suitable for all skin types
The NEW Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir has two sides (the serum and the cream) and it’s super easy to use.

When you pump you get both products side-by-side and you’ll need to blend the two before applying to your face and neck.

I use a bit more of the elixir at night because I’m not applying make-up. In the morning I apply a little less so that I can apply my make-up over it, like I said I have combination and oily skin.

So far I am super impressed with this formula. It feels nice (not heavy) on my face and it blends well. The scent is a very light floral which I don’t mind (I’m usually not a fan of florals). In the week I’ve been using the Dual Elixir I have noticed that my face looks a bit brighter and firmer, it also provides good moisture. I’m going to continue using it as I’m impressed with the results so far and the price is good. 

I am an Avon Rep too and you can purchase the Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir in my Avon online store.

If you’re interested in becoming an Independent Avon Representative you can CLICK HERE TO JOIN MY TEAM for FREE! It was actually super easy to sign-up and you get a cool dashboard and tools to help you get started. I run an online business so it does not matter where you live.

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