7 Reasons I Love Being An Avon Lady!

I love being an Avon Rep! I’ve been using Avon products since I was a kid and I wanted to share my 7 reasons why I think Avon is so amazing. Here goes!

#1 – Tried and True! – Avon has been in business for over 100 years and continues  to offer women quality products, excellent customer service and the chance to run their own business for a very low start-up cost.

I’m also super nostalgic over Avon! My mom, Aunts and cousins all used it growing up and it’s fun to see and order products staples from my childhood like Skin So Soft!

#2 – Avon Breast Cancer Crusade – As a breast cancer survivor I love that Avon supports Breast Cancer Research.

“Avon will contribute 15% of the sales prices of Pink Hope fundraising products, up to $350,000 per year, to the American Cancer Society Making Strides Against Breast Cancer® program.”.

#3 – My Husband loves Avon – My husband is super picky about hand and foot cream and he loves the Avon line. His favorite is the Avon Foot Works Maximum Strength Cracked Heel Cream. He’s also asking me if I remembered his foot cream every order.

#4 – Lipstick – I have a bit of a lipstick problem. I love having at least 20 shades on hand (I told you I have a problem) and Avon lets me do this for a great price. The Avon True Color Lipstick formula is amazing and comparable to the more pricey brands.

#5 – I get to meet nice people – I love meeting new Avon customers and reps on my Facebook page. Everyone is so friendly and nice. Avon Ladies and their customers are AMAZING!

#6 – I get to work from home – I’ve actually been working from home for about 15 years as a social media manager and community organizer. I also write a beauty blog some moving into Avon made sense. I love being home for the bus, being able to switch the laundry mid-day and having the freedom to come and go as I please.

#7 – Avon is soooooo easy to sign-up – This was a huge perk for me. I tend to do better with online training and I like to work at my own pace. Avon allows this. It literally take 30 seconds to sign up as an Avon Rep and It’f FREE to sign up until March 31st. You get instant access to your free eStore and online training tools.

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