Quarantine Life: 12 Things I’ve Learned!

Quarantine Life! Really? Our new norm has taught me a few things and I thought I’d share. Both my husband and I are lucky enough to be able to work at home so we’ve been pretty much homebound for over 30 days now — here’s what I’ve learned.

  1. I can buy glasses online! I got my new prescription for glasses literally days before the stay-at-home order and I really needed new glasses. Much to my delight I was able to purchase a neat pair glasses from Zenni for only $34.95! I really happy with them.

2. I miss Bath & Body Works! As many of you know I’m a vlogger who focuses on Bath & Body Works and while I can order online I miss going into the store – a lot! I love smelling the products, seeing what’s new and chatting my the amazing ladies in my store. I really can’t wait to be able to shop in store again!

3. I hate buying food online! I love the grocery store. Yep, I said it! I hate trying to find my brand of ketchup and peanut butter online, I’d much rather just go to the store. Bring on grocery shopping again!

4. Spotify is my best friend! Music is definitely therapeutic and while my teenage daughter doesn’t always love my selections I’ve been blaring Elton John, Rod Stewart, Meat Loaf, Duran Duran, Queen and random 80’s music since day one.

5. I’m not really bored! At first I thought we’d be really bored being at home but we’ve actually been really busy. My daughter is learning Japanese, my husband restores antique radios and he just bought a 3-D printer on ebay that’s he’s playing around with. My mom is making paper flowers and I bought a greenhouse so that I can grow vegetables.

6. I value toilet paper! I never in a million years thought that I would be getting up at 6am to buy toilet paper online before it sold out. Seriously, this is the craziest part of quarantine life, I appreciate TP more than ever now.

7. Prairie life was hard! I loved Little House on the Prairie in the 70’s and it’s fun to share this with my daughter. It also makes us realize that we’ve got so many comforts in quarantine! If Caroline Ingalls can walk 3 miles to get flour to bake a pie I can certainly be patient waiting for Amazon Pantry to arrive at my doorstep.

8. I love being an online Avon Lady! Back in the 70’s (yes, I’m a nostalgic creature) I loved digging into my moms Avon make-up and products. So I signed up to be an online Avon rep and I have a small team that I lead which gives me a sense of purpose. It’s also fun to see the new products and it keeps me busy too! Here’s my Avon Facebook Page if you want to check out what’s new!

9. I’m OK with not dying my hair (for now). I actually dye my own hair but I’m worried about getting an allergic reaction! LOL I have never had one before but there’s aways a first time so I am forgoing hair dye for now. I may get brave and try highlighting at some point.

10. I’m more social! Wait! What? Yep this self-described introvert started a family Facebook photo sharing group, organized a Zoom reunion (we still need to perfect tech) and I’m calling friends and family more than ever.

11. Having company sucks. While I’m being more social I acknowledge that having company sucks. My Aunt came over to pick up hand sanitizer the other day and it was like a hostage trade! I put the hand sanitizer in a bag on the front walk while she stayed in her car. I then went in the house while she picked up the bag. I waved from behind the glass and she shouted thank you. A totally sucky visit!

12. I’m OK! When all of this first started I went into a full-on panic about everything! School closing, food shortages, getting sick. I worried myself silly for about a week and then I just decided to let it go. I’m still worried about the future but I’m not as paralyzed as I was that first week.

How’s your quarantine going?

4 thoughts on “Quarantine Life: 12 Things I’ve Learned!

  1. elizaw55 says:

    I’ve never bought glasses on-line, but I’m glad that that is an option for people. I also miss Bath and Body Works. Nice post. 🙂

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