Avon Defense Nitrile Gloves

Avon is coming out with a new line of Defense products that includes Avon Defense Nitrile Gloves. Where can you buy the Avon Defense Nitrile Gloves? You can order the gloves online at in my Avon store.

Being an Avon Rep I am getting a few boxes of the Defense Nitrile Gloves for myself, friends and family.

You can also join my Avon e-mail list to get an online brochure every campaign! Click here to subscribe: https://tinyurl.com/ya4qghnt

From Avon — “Keeps hands protected from germs and grime. Resists many chemicals. Stretchy, comfy fit for adults (fits either hand). Powder-and latex-free. Comes securely sealed in stackable boxes. Each box contains 30 gloves.”

You can also sign up as an Avon rep for free and get a 25% off Beauty & Jewelry items and 20% on Fashion & Home items with a $40 order.

If you interested in becoming an Avon Rep you can CLICK HERE TO JOIN MY TEAM

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