How To Support Essential Workers From Home!

Since the stay-at-home orders went into effect I’ve been ordering a lot from Amazon, Target, Sam’s Club and of course AVON and Bath & Body Works so I get daily deliveries.

I wanted to make sure I was supporting essential workers but not leaving the house made it a bit of a challenge. I’m not talented enough to sew masks so I decided to help my deliver drivers.

Every day I set out a box that I created with a sigh that says “Mail & Delivery Drivers Please take what you need!” My box contains Avon Hand Cream and Bath & Body Works PocketBacs. I keep the box stocked everyday and my delivery drivers are very appreciative.

It’s super easy to make your own box and while I know it’s not much I feel like I am making a small contribution in this challenging time.

I’m going to continue buying new products as I can get them.

As an Avon Rep I was able to get the Avon Care Silicone Glove Protective Hand Cream Mini for $1.49 -25% but these are sold out now, I’m glad I got 30! Avon is also coming out with Nitrile Gloves, Cloth Masks and Hand Sanitizer which I’m going to be adding to the box soon! You can also join Avon for free now and get a discount as rep which helps a bit.

The Bath & Body Works PocketBacs are harder to come by. Every time I see them online I order a pack of 5 for $8. Luckily I had a nice stash saved up from vlogging.

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