Avon Defense 3D Face Mask Review

This week I received the new Avon Defense 3D Face Masks and I find them to be a great mask for daily trips.

I have found that my homemade masks are a bit too thick and awkward while the Avon Defense 3D Face Mask fits my face well and feels comfortable. I also liked that my glasses didn’t fog up while wearing it.

Because it’s a polyester blend I was able to wash it well and it retains the shape. However, when temps go up the polyester blend is a bit warmer than cotton. However I’ve found that my homemade cotton masks are scratchy and shrink in the wash. These masks are for adults. The mask was a bit too large on my young teen.

The Avon Defense 3D Face Mask come in purple, red, black and grey with black trim and cost $8.50. Buy online at https://www.avon.com/product/avon-defense-3d-face-mask-72639?rrec=false&rep=bonnied

• Polyester-blend mask helps shield against dust and other particles
• Soft and comfortable fit
• Washable, reusable, and can be folded for easy carrying
• Fashionable dust mask that fits most (adult only)
• Wired for better fit to prevent foggy glasses

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