Cabana Candle by Avon Perfect for a Summer Night

The Avon candles are so pretty! I have the Bonfire one!

Sugar Spice and Thirty Twice

If you’re looking for a special candle to burn on a sultry summer night, look no further than the Cabana Candle by Avon. With notes of lemon, coconut and blue lotus, this candle is truly a treat. You’ll be glad to know that Avon’s soy-blend candles burn cleaner than candles made solely from paraffin wax. And the beachy image of a woman sitting in the water on a beach surrounded by Palm trees makes a fun addition to your summer decor.

Use it to decorate your home of office. Once lit it will instantly change the atmosphere in the room to something reminiscent of an ocean view. You can even use it while sitting outdoors on your patio to give the night air a bit of sunshine while creating a romantic glow.

Cabana Candle by Avon

 Cabana Candle by Avon
Aromatic luxury. Zesty lemon, coconut palms and watery blue lotus create a beachy scent…

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