How to Clean Makeup Brushes

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As a new Avon representative, my training touched on how often you should clean your makeup brushes and I was honestly surprised to learn that the answer is once a week.

Cleaning them once a week helps keep them fresh and oil free. I’m sure it helps keep nasty bacteria away too!

Until now, I usually did mine about once a month but from now on will be more vigilant about keeping up with cleaning them more often.

The best way I’ve found to clean makeup brushes is to simply use warm soapy water. You don’t need to invest a small fortune in makeup cleaning solutions. Hand soap, dish soap, shampoo, or even a little shower gel will do the trick nicely.

makeup cleaning pad
A quick cleaner pad is great for switching colors!

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In between cleanings I use a makeup cleaning…

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One thought on “How to Clean Makeup Brushes

  1. oliveunicorn says:

    I try to wash them everyday as my eye brushes are always dipped into some bright or neon colors but I would love to invest in a brush cleaner so I can swap colors more easily.

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