How To Find The Best Lipstick For You

Sugar Spice and Thirty Twice

As a new Avon Independent Sales Representative, I’m constantly learning.

And the thing I’m learning the most is that I have A LOT to learn. You see, just yesterday, a good friend asked me; What’s the difference between Avon’s True Color Satin and Shimmer lipstick? I had to admit, I had no idea! So, being that she’s one of my oldest and dearest, the two of us set out on a mission to uncover the deep dark secrets of Avon’s lipstick formulas.

As the Avon rep in charge, I dove into my secret and confidential only-an-Avon-independent-Sales-Representative-can-see product files aka the resource library located in the back-end of my Avon sales rep account.

She searched my anyone-can-see-it online Avon store.

And guess what? She won!

After swallowing a little bit of my pride, I mean, really… I’m supposed to be the knowledgeable one in…

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