Meet Physiogel for Dry and Sensitive Skin

Sugar Spice and Thirty Twice - AVON with Robin

Introducing Physiogel, Avon’s latest skin care line for dry and sensitive skin! There are two new Physiogel collections,Daily Moisture TherapyandA.I. Calming Relief, formulated to help repair and strengthen skin’s moisture barrier—available now in my Avon eStore.

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Physiogel’s skin-friendly creams and lotions are dermatologist recommended, formulated with pure and gentle ingredients, arehypoallergenic, non-comedogenicandfree from fragrances, preservativesandcolorants.


These are brand new! I haven’t had the chance to try them yet so all of the following information is coming from my Avon eStore. Honestly, it looks like something I’m really going to love.

Does your sensitive skin feel dry and tight? I’m featuring three of the new Physiogel formulas that I think you might love! There are several others. You can see them all by visiting: Physiogel by Avon.

Physiogel Cream

Begin to repair and restore skin’s moisture barrier immediately with…

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