How To Sign Up To Sell Avon Online in 2019

My unique Avon story! You can create your own!

Everyone has an Avon story. Most people have fond memories of grandmas, Aunts and moms using Avon and I do too. My mom always wears Sweet Honesty and now Haiku and she’s a rep too!

I myself have been using Avon for my entire life both as a rep and a customer. I sold Avon back in the early 2000’s for awhile and it was fun but I wasn’t interested in going door-to-door. Then earlier this year I decided to come back to Avon and I’m so glad I did because I am now an online rep with my own free e-store which I love.

Being an Avon online rep also means less paper, catalogs and is a more “Green” way to sell which I think is amazing. Your customers can shop each campaign online like this.

My Queen of the Girl Geeks Beauty blog
is approaching a 1/4 million views!

So a little bit about my background – I am an experienced online marketer with a BA in English which means I love to write. For the past 15 years I’ve consulted as a social media manager, community organizer, copywriter and project manager for a variety of large organizations.

I thrive on running my own business and love working from home. You can read more about me here. I am also a wife, mom “girl geek” and who loves sci-fi, Harry Potter and collecting beach glass on the shores of Lake Erie.

A few years ago I started my “Queen of the Girl Geeks” beauty blog as a hobby and it grew into much more. I am passionate about sharing beauty products that I love and Avon is one of them. Like many women today I have a lot of favorite beauty brands and I love sharing the products that I use regularly on my blog,

So — Can You Just Sell Avon Online? Is it easy?

First up yes, being an Avon e-Representative is pretty similar to being a traditional Avon Rep except that you sell mostly online via your Avon e-Store.

The Avon Eyeshadow Quads are one of my favorite palettes!

As for the easy part, that depends. Avon is not a get rich quick scheme nor do online sales come quickly without doing the work.

I believe every online Avon Rep needs a strong social presence and daily effort. I recommend having a blog, Facebook page, Instagram, Pinterest and Twitter account to grow your business.

You also need passion for the product and an audience. I write about what I know and love — and I love Avon products! You can also have more success selling online if you have a large network of Facebook or Instagram fans who share your passion.

How do you sign up to sell Avon online?

Signing up to sell Avon online is extremely easy!

To join my Team and become an Independent Avon Rep you can go to which will take you to my sign-up page. Right now my team is small but I am an experienced leader and can answer your questions about blogging, social media and Avon.

I also have a private Facebook group so that I can share tips, news and updates to my team. I love being a hands-on online communicator. You can live anywhere North America too. Our communication and training is all done online. Avon provides a very useful Avon U program to get you up and running too.

How much does it cost to sign up as an Avon Rep?

The Avon Quick Starter Kit is $25 and is valued at over $80 and there are 2 more levels above that.

The Advanced Starter kit is $50 (valued at $140)

Premium Starter Kit is $100 (valued at $400). My mom got this kit and the bag is amazing!

How much money can you make selling Avon?

Again, Avon is not a get rich quick program, however they do give you a lot of tools to succeed and earn. During your first campaign you’ll earn 40% as part of the KickStart program. Here is the current earnings chart for the representative level.

Online orders also are eligible for Rapid Pay which means that once you enroll in direct deposit for online sales with a bank account you can get your earnings faster.

  • Your earnings will first be applied to any account balance you have.
  • 2 business days later, your remaining earnings more than $5 will land in your bank account if you’re set up for direct deposit for online sales.
  • As of January 23 2019, Avon is processing payments every day, so you get paid more often!

So are you ready to try being an Avon online rep?

So far I am having so much fun trying all of the Avon products I haven’t used before and I am discovering new favorites! You can also earn fun things like products and trips once you start selling more. I have not gotten there yet but I’m excited to try!

If you have any questions you can contact me via my blog or my Avon Rep Facebook page.

Thank you so much for stopping by!

If you’re interested in becoming an Independent Avon Representative you can CLICK HERE TO JOIN MY TEAM