Bath & Body Works Italian Getaway Hand Soaps

This week while shopping the last of the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale I managed to snag all 5 of the new Italian Getaway Foaming Hand Soaps and I am loving them!

The collection consists of 5 scents, here are the notes —

  • Limoncello – Sorrento Lemons, Sugared Mint & Fresh Verbena
  • Capri Ocean – Marine Waters, Crisp Cotton & Ocean Air
  • Cranberry Peach Prosecco – Sweet Peaches, Tart Cranberry & Gala Apple
  • Summer Tiramisu – Espresso Bean, Creamy Vanilla, Whipped Sugar
  • Italian Lavender – Italian Lavender, White Jasmine & Sheer Vanilla

My favorite scent is the Summer Tiramisu which is an amazing coffee scent with a little cream. Wow this one is nice and perfect for the kitchen. I am also loving the labels on these new soaps.

You can see the entire Bath & Body Works Italian Getaway Hand Soaps collection in my SAS Haul video!


The Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale June 2019

The June 2019 Bath & Body Works SAS is online today and starts in stores on June 10th. I love the SAS because it give me a chance to stock up on retiring and classic scents for a low price. You also never know what you are going to find in the bins at the stores.

You can typical find bins with products that are 75% and 50% off which means that you can get body care items for as low and $3! Also don’t forget to use your $10 off $40 coupon that Bath & Body Works e-mails out.

The scents that I’m interested in this year are: Black Raspberry Vanilla, Black Currant Vanilla, Cherry Blossom, Dark Kiss, Tangelo Woods, Butterfly Flower, Watermelon Lemonade, Rose Quartz, Twilight Woods, Grapefruit Breeze, Coconut Lime Breeze, Tea & Ginger, Wild Madagascar Vanilla, Velvet Sugar, Violet Lily Sky, Wrapped In Sugar, Pear Blossom Air and Cocktail Dress.

The Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale typically lasts about 3 weeks and new products are added weekly. Also be sure to shop different stores for the best selection.

See what’s in the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale online collection in my YouTube Video too!

Ipsy Glam Bag Plus May 2019 Review

I am so happy that I was finally able to upgrade to the Ipsy Glam Bag Plus. The bag is $25 and it’s amazing! You get 5 full sized products. Here’s what I got for May 2019!

GLAMGLOW 3 Bubblesheet Oxygenating Deep Cleanse Masks – $27 Value

IL MAKIAGE Icon High Volume & Intense Curl Mascara – $25 Value

ILLAMASQUA Lip Colouring Pencil Duo in Lust & Media – $42 Value

YENSA Tone Up Primer Essential Glow – $35 Value

WANDER BEAUTY Wanderess Seascape Eyeshadow Palette – $25 Value

The box has a $154 value and I love all of the products! Also be sure to check out my video reveal of the May 2019 Ipsy Glam Bag Plus

5 Things To Get From Amazon If You’re Having A Mastectomy!

So as many of you know I am recovering from a unilateral mastectomy with no reconstruction. I found out I had DCIS which is Stage 0 breast cancer in April and I made the choice to have my right breast removed so that I could avoid radiation and further biopsies as I also have intraductal papillomas too. What a ride! I had my surgery was on April 24th and I thought I was pretty well educated going in but there are a few tings I wish I had known in advance.

Here is my Top 5 list of Amazon “must-haves” that I really appreciated while recovering from my mastectomy. FYI – I did add Amazon affiliate links here. Amazon Prime was my best friend as I could get things pretty much the next day.

The Drain Jacket – I really balked at buying this sucker as it was $59.99 and not exactly fashionable. I chose black because I thought it looked cooler and you can’t see the blood on black. The Breast Cancer Recovery Tee with Internal Drain Management Pockets comes with drain pockets which made it possible to sleep without ripping out my dreaded JP drain. I literally wore this jacket for 8 days. My husband would wash and dry it at night while I took a shower. I had a love/hate relationship with this jacket. Yes, those are frozen peas on my chest!

A Pillow Nest with a Wedge! Oh my gosh, that first night I was a huge mess. It’s hard to lay down and impossible to lay on your side after a mastectomy so I bought an Abco Tech Bed Wedge Pillow with Memory Foam Top. The wedge allowed me to lay on my back and be propped up enough that my incision didn’t pull. I then surrounded myself with regular pillows — under my arms, heads and legs for further comfort. I had a nice pillow nest going on for 2 weeks!

A Front Close Bra – Fruit of the Loom is now on my BFF list for these Front Close Racerback Bras. There is no way to get a sports bra on without a front closure after a mastectomy. This bra is so comfortable and easy to put on. It was gave me some compression which I need to feel secure. It’s weird having a tighter bra made me feel so much better. I did not have reconstruction and I think the light pressure helped with swelling. I have since ordered 6 more of these bras as they are so inexpensive.

Dial Soap – It’s been years since I bought a bar of Dial Soap! You all know that I love Bath & Body Works and Lush but having a huge incision inspired me to get some good old fashioned Dial Antibacterial Deodorant Soap. You can’t shave or wear deodorant after a mastectomy and the smell of this soap made me feel really clean and I didn’t stink which is a real moral builder.

The Super Pack of Sterile Pads – After I had my JP Drain (I really hated this thing) removed it was super irritated and the hole leaked for about a week after it was pulled. Hence the Curad Sterile Non-Adherent Pads were a miracle for me. Band-Aids didn’t do the trick and these pads fit under my compression bra to soak up the excessive fluid (yes, I know — yuck).

Needless to say when that blue Amazon truck pulled up each day I was pretty darn excited. I utilized Prime Pantry quite a bit too. Having fruit snacks and Doritos delivered to my door gave me hope of recovery!

Avon Limited-Edition Mesmerize Sports Car Decanter Cologne Review

Who remembers the Avon decanters? These were such a part of my childhood and I’m thrilled that Avon has brought them back.

The new Avon Limited-Edition Mesmerize Sports Car Decanter is here just in time for Father’s Day and it’s so sleek and cool.

First up the Mesmerize Sports Car Decanter comes in a super neat blue and white box that looks like a license plate and it feels hefty. The blue glass car has a deep sapphire hue and the cologne is Mesmerize which is a blend of zesty bergamot, cool cardamom and rich precious woods.

I had my husband do a sniff test and he was pretty impressed. It also looks neat on our dresser so a thumbs up from me too!

The Mesmerize Sports Car Decanter is coming next Tuesday (may 14th) and you can shop the entire Mesmerize fragrance line online right here. Avon even has a Mesmerize Soap On A Rope!

I am an Independent Avon Representative. If you’re interested in becoming an Independent Avon Rep you can CLICK HERE TO JOIN MY TEAM. I would love to have you onboard!

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Bath & Body Works Black Cherry Merlot Review

I just picked up the Bath & Body Works / White Barn Black Cherry Merlot Collection and I am loving it! The notes on the Black Cherry Merlot are Dark Cherry, Black Raspberry and Sumptuous Merlot. To me it smells like rich dark cherry and it’s wonderful! I love the entire line.

The Bath & Body Works Black Cherry Merlot comes in:

Ultra Shea Body Cream, Moisturizing Body Wash, Fine Fragrance Mist, Foaming Hand Soap, Nourishing Hand Soap, Creamy Luxe Hand Soap, Hand Cream, Concentrated Room Spray, Fragrance Melt, Car Fragrance Refill, Wallfowers Fragrance Refill, Single Wick Candle and 3-Wick Candle.

Overall I am super impressed with these new products and I am so glad that Bath & Body Works created a new body wash!

Also be sure to check out my YouTube Video!

Avon Anew Vitamin C Antioxidant Lip Treatment Review

I am pretty excited about the new Anew Vitamin C Antioxidant Lip Treatment. I am always on the hunt for a good Summer lip treatment and this one is my new favorite.

The Avon Anew Vitamin C Antioxidant Lip Treatment is an orange stick that has the consistency of lipstick with a light orange scent.

It has vitamins C and E for lip conditioning and you can wear it alone or under your favorite lipstick. I’ve done both!

I like that I can wear this one alone to the beach or on a hike or put it under my lipstick for extra moisture. I feel like it works really well under matte shades too. I’m almost 50 and I love how it make my lips look and feel. It’s not sticky at all and feels sheer on my lips. The orange scent make it even better as I love oranges!

I am an Independent Avon Representative. If you’re interested in becoming an Independent Avon Rep you can CLICK HERE TO JOIN MY TEAM. I would love to have you onboard!

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Too Faced Dew You Fresh Glow Luminous Face Primer Review

I just picked up the new Too Faced Dew You Fresh Glow Luminous Face Primer and I am loving it! This is going to be my new Summer favorite.

The Dew You Face Primer comes in 3 shades: Radiant Pearl, Radiant Nude and Radiant Carmel. I have the pearl shade. It’s super translucent.

What I love about this product is that it’s super moisturizing and it smells like watermelon and cucumber.

As described, Dew You is completely weightless. I hate wearing heavy products in the Summer and this one feels so refreshing on my face. I also found that it works so well under my make-up. I am a huge fan of the It Bye Bye Under Eye Waterproof Concealer and when I apply this concealer over the Dew You it feels amazing! No more tugging under my eyes, it just glides right on.

I would call the Too Faced Dew You a fresh primer that makes my skin feel light and refreshed and I love that I get a little bit of glow without a hard shimmer. I truly do feel luminous!

Go Green with the Brand New Avon Starter Kits for April 2019!

Avon has completely revamped their starter kits for April 2019 and it’s easier (and greener) than ever to join. Starting today (April 3rd) you can join Avon for $30 and get a free gift.

Avon is going green! The old Avon starter kits had a lot (and I mean a lot) of paper products (like an order book, catalogs and flyers) for door-to-door sales. However, the new kits are more “green” and geared toward the digital Avon rep which I love. Being an Avon Rep in 2019 means less paper waste and more online interaction. I rarely use the Avon books, instead I just send people to my digital brochure which I can e-mail, text and share on social.

The new kits also make it easy to sign up friends and family because they get an awesome gift for just $30 (and just 2 catalogs). My favorite choice is the My BFF: Best Face Forever set because it includes the Anew Ultimate Supreme Dual Elixir which is a $34.99 value and one of my favorite products.

What’s cool about Avon is that you can make it your own.

  • You can buy new products and demos for yourself and family.
  • As a beauty blogger you can review Avon products for your blog. $30 gets you a nice set of Avon best sellers to review.
  • Sell to friends and family with your eStore link or sign them up to be on your own team for $30.
  • Branch out and start building your business and team. The Avon KickStart Program for new reps lets you get 40% off your first order and more incentives when you reach sales goals AND you get fun incentives like High Five — For every 5 of your customers who place a qualifying $50+ order in your online store, you’ll earn a $25 bonus.

So the sky is the limit (big or small) depending on how much time and effort you want to spend — and it’s a lot of fun.

So, Easy as 1-2-3 to be an Avon Lady in 2019 — Sign up for Avon for $30 and choose your FREE Gift (up to an $84 value) — this includes shipping.

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These are the 3 Avon curated gift choices that you can choose from!

You also get —

  • Free online store for 24/7 sales.
  • Free marketing tools you can run with.
  • Free social media posts to share all the latest.
  • Full access to our exclusive rep website to help manage your biz.
  • Free on-demand training and tutorials to up your beauty game on AVON.

The ColourPop Disney Villains Collection Review

This week I picked up 3 of the ColourPop Disney Villains set and the Disney Villains Misunderstood Palette from Ulta and I am thrilled!

The collection consists of — 6 Disney Villain sets which each include a Lux Lipstick, Ultra Glossy Lip, and Super Shock Highlighter. I picked up Cruelle, Maleficent and Ursula. The art on these packages is amazing!

The lipstick shades tend to but on the dark side but you can layer the Ultra Glossy Lip gloss on top for a buildable look.

Separately you can purchase the the Disney Villains Misunderstood Palette (which I got) and 6 Jelly Much eyeshadow and 2 Glitterally Obsessed sparkle shades.

So far I am loving the palette it’s much darker than the ColourPop Disney Princesses Palette. You can see my vs. video below!

Overall I am loving the entire collection as it’s prices very reasonable — the sets are $25 and you can use your Ulta $3.50 coupon. I am also loving the versatile looks I can get with both the shadows and the highlighters. All the products are buildable and beautiful!

Yay for the Disney Villains! The entire Villains PR collection set is $250, oh how I’d love this!