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L’ORÉAL Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Golden Balm for Face/Neck/Chest

I got the L’ORÉAL Age Perfect Hydra-Nutrition Golden Balm for Face/Neck/Chest for free because I used my $11.99 credit from my Amazon Beauty Box which was really cool.

First Impression!

I wanted to try this face cream on my dry spots and my first impression is that it’s a nice product. The golden colored cream is very rich and thick (it really is more of a butter than a cream) with a light musky/floral scent that smells a bit old-fashioned to me. I do however like that it comes in a glass jar.

My biggest concern is that it might be too rich for my skin. I’m OK with wearing it at night but as a day cream I thought it looked a bit greasy although it is a non-greasy formula. However I’m fine with it just being a night cream.

It did hydrate my skin very well and it did absorb quickly for me. Overall I interested in seeing if this does anything to my dry areas long term.