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It Cosmetics Confidence in Your Glow Review

I am so excited to have gotten my hands on the new It Cosmetics Confidence in Your Glow this week. This is a highlighter, blush and bronzer all in one.

It comes in 3 shades, I have the Natural Glow

  • Nude Glow – sheerest naturally pretty glow
  • Natural Glow – natural rosy kiss
  • Warm Glow – your richest shade of bronzer

First up it’s a lot bigger than I thought it would be at 4.5″ wide.


What’s to love?

The packaging on this palette is so pretty with a round It branded metallic closure on top that’s super secure. Inside there is a nice mirror.

The product itself is so luxurious. I did not get the Heavenly Skin One-Sweep Wonder Brush #705 for $48 but my Heavenly Luxe Complexion Perfection Brush Travel Size #7 works quite well.

The formula itself is vitamin C-infused and it really does have a nice orange scent. It does have “Drops of Light Technology” and I have to say that my skin really does glow with this product. I like to pick up all three shades with my brush for my checks then do a little cheekbone highlighting with the lighter highlighter shade.

It also feels very silky and soft on my face which I love.

Overall I’m thrilled with this palette and would like to try the Nude Glow. I’ve been very happy lately with It Cosmetics and get a lot of compliments about my make-up so that’s a plus too!

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Freeze 24/7 Ice Serum Advanced Brightening Facial Serum Review

I received a complimentary (free) Freeze 24/7 Ice Serum Advanced Brightening Facial Serum this week. This new serum features “an exclusive White Strawberry Extract and a powerful peptide to give skin a radiant glow.” All opinions are my own.

What’s to love?

First up I love the pump, it’s easy to use and very stylishly designed. The product itself is white with purple aura and it smells amazing.

The Freeze 24/7 Ice Serum Advanced Brightening Facial Serum ingredients include:

  • Exclusive White Strawberry Extract – Helps with dark spots and facilitate the production of Melanin.
  • Regu Fade or a Pure form of Resveratrol – This is a powerful anti-oxidant.
  • Optical Radiance Booster – Mica that gives an illuminating effect.
  • New Matrixyl Synthe 6 – A powerful peptide.
  • Licorice Root Extract – Supports brightening and  evening.
  • Sodium Hyaluronate – Nourishes and hydrates skin

I’ve been using the Freeze 24-7 Ice Serum Advanced Brightening Facial Serum for a few days now and I’m very impressed. I apply a small amount to my face and rub in well.


As you know I’m 47-years-old and I can always use a little anti-aging help! Upon initial application my skin does look much brighter, I love this illuminating effect and I feel like after just one application my face looks softer. The product does do an amazing job hydrating my dry spots and I’m excited to see what it does on my age spots after a few weeks.

Overall I’m very impressed with this product and I’d like to try a few more things from 24/7.

Price: $95

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Tarteguard 30 Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30 Review

I received a full-sized Tarteguard 30 Sunscreen Lotion Broad Spectrum SPF 30 in my March 2017 Glossybox and I am loving this product now that it’s starting to get sunny out.

It’s Tarte’s first non-chemical sunscreen with active ingredients of Titanium Dioxide and Zinc Oxide. I really love having zinc in a sunscreen.

 What’s to love?

I am really loving this sunscreen for my face. It has maracuja, red algae, soybean extract, apple extract, honeysuckle extract, sodium hyaluronate and Vitamin E.


I do feel like it gives me extra moisture and I love the sun protection. The white creamy formula rubs in quickly and it’s got a very pleasant (and light) citrus/floral scent.

It  did not make my face feel greasy which I really liked. Most facial sunscreens feel heavy to me. I am also able to easily apply my make-up over the top.

I think this is my new favorite facial sunscreen and the bottle is so pretty and it has a rubberized texture so it’s non-slip.

Retail Price: $32

Check out My March 2017 Glossybox Unboxing video!


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It Cosmetics Blurred Lines Lipstick Review

A few weeks ago I reviewed the It Cosmetics Je Ne Sais Quoi Complexion Perfection and I was so impressed that I did a mini It Cosmetics haul from their recent private sale event.

The first product I picked up was the It Cosmetics Blurred Lines Lipstick in Believe and I am so impressed with both the shade and the formula.

What’s to love? 

Being over 40 I was always interested when the It lady (Jamie Kern Lima) w0uld show up on QVC or an infomerical so I’m finally beginning to try out the line.

The Blurred Lines lipstick comes in 10 shades and is supposed to moisturize your lips with “Collagen, Peptides, Hyaluronic Filling Spheres, Shea Butter, Jojoba and Grape Seed Extract“. I will say that my lips do feel amazingly moist and supple with this product. It almost feels like a lip treatment.

It also has a wonderful cookie/chocolate scent that I love. The color that I choose (Believe) is a sheer/shimmer raisiny pink. This is not a high pigment lipstick or a cream. I would call it more translucent or a stain. As you can see on my hand below it isn’t super dark.

However this is exactly the kind of lipstick that I love. It’s moisturizing, sheer, has a beautiful hue and I really do think it makes my lips look younger.

Price: $24 (I did get it on the It Cosmetics website on sale for $16).

If you want to see what else I got in my It Cosmetics Haul check out my YouTube video. I will be reviewing more of these product right here on my blog in the coming weeks.

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There’s A New Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion In Town!

Over Christmas I got my hands on the Urban Decay Eyeshadow Primer Potion Anti-Aging for just $5.99 and I have to say this is a life-changing beauty product! I’m actually embarrassed that I haven’t tried this product before now! It has done wonders for my eyeshadow application and my fine eye wrinkles. I love this stuff!

The old packaging (pictured below) is a tube that you can squeeze to get the product out. A tiny bit goes a long way. I apply to both my lids up to my brow, let it dry for a for about 30-seconds and then apply my eyeshadow which looks so much prettier with this primer and no creases…at all. This potion also has very little scent. is paraben-free and is Made in the USA.

Again…have I been living under a rock? (*nods head emphatically).

Here is the new packaging for the Urban Decay Primer Potions. The new potions come with a doe foot wand for application which I think is a great upgrade.