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Maybelline Baby Lips Glow Balm Review

I am a huge fan of Maybelline Baby Lips so when I saw this new Baby Lips Glow Balm I was all over it! This pink lip balm is supposed to adapt to your lips to create a personal pink shade.


What’s to love?

The new Baby Lips Glow Balm looks like the standard Baby Lips packaging only in pink and silver. The color of the product is an opaque pink that smells like vanilla sugar and is very nice.

I found the hydration to be really good and it felt nice and light weight on my lips, I didn’t think it was sticky at all. It feels very buttery and soft.

As for the color? It turned my lips a nice light pink  with a hit of mauve. It also gave me a semi-gloss finish and I thought it looked really nice. I would definitely wear Baby Lips Glow Balm for Winter dryness and a hint of color. I think this is a great product.

One interesting note is that the back of the package says “For Adult Use Only” and I’m not sure what that means. My guess is that they want people to know it’s not for babies being that it’s called “Baby Lips”. Go figure.

Price: $4.49

Beauty Reviews, Maybelline

Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balm Review

I needed some Summer lip balm for me and the kid so I picked up 2 Maybelline Baby Lips Lip Balms in Pink Punch and Peach Kiss. I got these at our local grocery store. Price: $3.99 each/second one 50% off.


Despite the name this lip balm is not for babies, but is meant to give your lips a baby soft feel.

The packaging is nice. You get a base with a clear top that makes it easy to see which color you are reaching for. As for the product itself, I’m not a huge fan of waxy lip balm, I just need occasional protection if my lips get dry, I prefer wearing lipstick. The Baby Lips was just what I needed. It goes on smooth (not waxy or chunky at all) and it has a very nice pleasant fruit smell. I could barely smell the product once it was on.

Some of the flavors have a 20 SPF, these did not. The sticks with SPF should be clearly marked on the package, like this. I deliberately chose 2 without sunscreen. Mine do however have shea butter and Vitamin E.


The color on both the Pink Punch and Peach Kiss is very delicate but you can tell it’s there. A kid could easily wear this product because it has just a hint of color!


I am definitely going to keep a few of these on hand this Summer for emergency dry lip situations like parades, the beach and the zoo. My purse is like Grand Central Station for stuff and the go-to place to get everything one might need while on the road…so now I’m prepared for lip emergencies. Thanks Maybelline!