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The Bath & Body Works Semi Annual Sale June 2019

The June 2019 Bath & Body Works SAS is online today and starts in stores on June 10th. I love the SAS because it give me a chance to stock up on retiring and classic scents for a low price. You also never know what you are going to find in the bins at the stores.

You can typical find bins with products that are 75% and 50% off which means that you can get body care items for as low and $3! Also don’t forget to use your $10 off $40 coupon that Bath & Body Works e-mails out.

The scents that I’m interested in this year are: Black Raspberry Vanilla, Black Currant Vanilla, Cherry Blossom, Dark Kiss, Tangelo Woods, Butterfly Flower, Watermelon Lemonade, Rose Quartz, Twilight Woods, Grapefruit Breeze, Coconut Lime Breeze, Tea & Ginger, Wild Madagascar Vanilla, Velvet Sugar, Violet Lily Sky, Wrapped In Sugar, Pear Blossom Air and Cocktail Dress.

The Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale typically lasts about 3 weeks and new products are added weekly. Also be sure to shop different stores for the best selection.

See what’s in the Bath & Body Works Semi-Annual Sale online collection in my YouTube Video too!

Bath & Body Works, Beauty Reviews

Bath & Body Works Oahu Coconut Sunset Review

Bath & Body Works has a new line of Hawaii scents that includes Oahu Coconut Sunset which is actually a redo scent from a few years ago with packaging. I really love this Hawaiian coconut scent.


The top notes are Birds of Paradise, Coconut Blossom, Sparkling Bergamot. The mid notes are Seductive Tuberose, Tiger Lily, Hawaiian Monoi and the dry notes are Sensual Labdanum, Molten Amber, Cream Suede Accord.

However to me it just smells very Hawaiian! You get this scent in the Ultra Shea Body Cream, Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Fine Fragrance Mist, Aloe Gel Lotion and the Sand & Sea Salt Scrub.

I got the…

Oahu Coconut Sunset Ultra Shea Body Cream which feels amazing. This  one really does a great job of moisturizing my skin. It has Aloe Butter, Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil in it and it’s not greasy for me.


Oahu Coconut Sunset Fine Fragrance Mist – I usually don’t like the fragrance mist products but this one is very nice. It seems lighter than the Christmas scents and the spray is a very, very fine mist. Once the spray settles is smells pretty amazing.


Oahu Coconut Sunset Sand & Sea Salt Scrub – I am so excited about the new Sand & Sea Salt Scrub. This one has Polynesian sand and real sea salt which makes for a great exfoliant and it smells amazing. It seriously feels like I’m at the beach. I love that Bath & Body works is coming out with new scrubs.


Check out the entire Bath & Body Works Hawaii line on my YouTube video. There’s also 3 more Hawaii  scents including: Fiji Pineapple Palm, Waikiki Beach Coconut and Bali Blue Surf.

Bath & Body Works, Beauty Reviews

Bath & Body Works CocoShea Honey Collection Review

I am so excited to share the brand new Bath & Body Works CocoShea Honey Collection with you today. The CocoShea line is brand new and has 3 scents including Honey, Cucumber and Coconut.

First up is the CoCoShea Honey and oh my gosh this scent is amazing. I am a huge fan of anything honey so when I saw this morning that Bath & Body Works had a new honey scent I ran right up to my store. I have a feeling this is going to be my Summer favorite.


What’s in the CocoShea Honey Collection?

Bath and Body Works actually had more of the CocoShea honey products in the store then they had online. I got the…

CocoShea Honey Ultra Conditioning Sugar Scrub – The sugar scrub smells so amazing. It’s got a sweet honey scent but it’s a bit earthy too. The scrub has Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Pure Honey ands it’s supposed to moisturize, replenish, soften and smooth. I tried it on my had it it made my skin very soft.


CocoShea Honey Ultra Conditioning Bath & Shower Jelly  This is a completely new product for Bath & Body Works and it’s so cool It’s a jelly that lathers into a super soft foamy for use in the bath and shower.

YouTube Demo of the CocoShea Honey Ultra Conditioning Bath & Shower Jelly

CocoShea Honey Ultra Conditioning Body Butter – I am a huge fan of the Bath & Body Works Body Butter and this one is top notch too. It has a fresh honey scent and the thick cream so wonders on my dry skin.


They also have a CocoShea Honey Body Lotion, Body Wash.

Overall the word that comes to mind for the entire Bath & Body Works CocoShea collection is fresh. I am so impressed with this line.