NEW Bath & Body Works In The Sun Collection Review

Bath & Body Works has a NEW line called In The Sun which is a compliment to last years At The Beach. I also just got a new coupon book in the mail which includes: Free Gift (up $5 value), 20% off your entire purchase and $6 Fine Fragrance Mist.

Last years At The Beach line is white frangipani, toasted coconut & bergamot waters essenced with a cool, saltwater breeze


While the new In The Sun line is f Sunkissed Neroli, Sparkling Orange Flower & Bronzed Sandalwood. To me this one smells like a musky citrus where At The Beach was more coconut.

You can get In the Sun in:

  • Shower Gel
  • Body Cream
  • Fine Fragrance Mist
  • Sand & Sea Salt Scrub
  • Mini Perfume Spray
  • Air Brush Body Bronzer

Bath & Body Works NEW Saltwater Breeze VS At The Beach

Bath & Body Works Tutti Dolci Sweet Lemon Buttercup Review

I am a huge fan of the Bath & Body Works Tutti Dolci line and it’s now part of the June Semi-Annual Sale. After using these scents for a few months I think that the Sweet Lemon Buttercup is on top as a favorite.

Sweet Lemon Buttercup contains Juicy Mandarin, Sweet Lemon and Sparkling Lime Blossom and it smells really sweet and nice, it kind of reminds me of a Meyer lemon.


The Tutti Dolci Sweet Lemon Buttercup line products include the Body Cream, Shower Gel, Fine Fragrance Mist, Lip Balm and the Creamy Body Wash but only two products remain online but my store has more. I heard a rumor that this line is being discontinued so I wanted to stock up!

Bath & Body Works New Paradise Coconut Oil Foaming Hand Soap Review

Oh Bath & Body Works, you do this to me every time. I walked into the store to get the Oahu Coconut Sunset collection and I end up filling up my bag. Yesterday they had a wall of the Paradise Coconut Oil Foaming Hand Soap that really got my attention and I had coupons. I LOVE theBath & Body Works foaming hand soap so much and now there’s a new line with Coconut Oil and it’s amazing.


What’s to love?

Every sink in our house has the Bath & Body Works foaming hand soap. It smells amazing and does wonders on my hands as it has Aloe, Vitamin E and now Coconut Oil. I also prefer the foaming variety because it washes clean with no goopy residue. This is great for kids.

This new Coconut Oil set comes in 6 scents:

Miami Mint Mojito – This one is green and has a lime on the front. I think this is my favorite scent of the 6. I has fresh lime, juicy pear and green mint leaf.

Maui Mango Mai Tai – This one is my favorite design. It’s orange with a bird on the front and I love birds. It Mango nectar, sun-kissed grapefruit and sugarcane and while I don’t normally love mango the scents make this one so nice.

Bali Coconut Cove – This one is blue with a coconut on the front. It has fresh coconut, passion flower and coral berry. This one smells very coco-nutty to me!

Jamaica Pineapple Colada – Pineapple is one of my new favorite scents. This one is yellow and has juicy mandarin, green pineapple and vanilla milk. It’s very light and pretty.

Bermuda Plumeria Surprise – This one is pink and the most floral of the group. It’s got pink dragonfruit, orchid and plumeria.

Fuji White Sands – This is the only one I didn’t get. It’s clear and has white sand, vanilla orchid and warm amber. I did smell it and it’s very soft and beachy.

Overall I think this is my new favorite scent collection since Christmas. Also don’t forget to use your Bath & Body Works coupons with the sales for a bigger discount.

I reveal all of the Coconut Oil soaps in my video!


Bath & Body Works Tutti Dolci Review

I hit Bath & Body Works today because they have an amazing new line called Tutti Dolci and I had a coupon. Tutti Dolci means “all sweets” in Italian and it is a super sweet line. I picked up the Golden Honey Praline, White Mocha Kiss Body and Pink Peony Creme Creams today. I also got the Sweet Lemon Buttercup Creamy Body Wash, the Pink Peony Creme Lip Balm and the Love the Lather sponge set. Here’s the scoop!

What’s to love?

I am a huge fan of the Bath & Body works Body Cream and the new scents are so delicious. Tutti Dolci comes in 4 scents:

  • Golden Honey Praline -Pear, Hazelnut, Salted Caramel, Cashew Milk, Jasmine
  • White Mocha Kiss – Apple, Watery Lily, S’mores, Ginger Flower, Coconut Orchid
  • Sweet Lemon Buttercup – Juicy Mandarin, Sweet Lemon, Sparkling Lime Blossom
  • Pink Peony Creme -Juicy Mandarin, Sweet Lemon, Sparkling Lime Blossom

At first I thought this was more of an ice cream line but it’s really more Italian bakery. All of the scents combine sweet, musky and floral which makes for a very nice mix. I chose the Golden Honey Praline because I love the salted caramel scent. The Sweet Lemon Buttercup is my second favorite scent. The packaging is cute too with shimmery bottles that have a decorative banner on top.

The Tutti Dolci line products include the Body Cream, Shower Gel, Fine Fragrance Mist, Lip Balm and the Creamy Body Wash. You can also get a cute sponge pack and a make-up bag.