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Lush Sea Vegetable Soap Review

I ventured out to Lush today and got a nice haul that I want to share with all of you. Now if you’ve never been to a Lush store and go for the first time be prepared for a real treat. The smell when you first walk in is so incredibly amazing. It’s a mix of fresh fruit, earthy floral, herbs, the ocean chocolate, vanilla and about 27 other scents you’ll want to learn about.

The first item in my haul is the Lush Sea Vegetable Soap which is one of my favorites.

What’s to love?

I think Sea Vegetable is definitely on my Top 10 Favorite Lush soap. This one is a beautiful opaque aqua color with black swirls and it looks like the ocean. Then on the top of the soap it’s got a crust of stimulating sea salt that’s is amazing for exfoliation.

Sea Vegetable also has lime, lavender and seaweed absolute and my skin feels so soft and invigorated when I use it. This scent is to relaxing to me, it really feels like a spa product.

See the Lush Sea Vegetable Soap in action!

I’m also starting a series of 2-minute Lush videos just to give you a little more information about the product. This one also has a little demo of the soap at the end. I hope you enjoy it.

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New Bath & Body Works Clay Body Scrub Review

Today I picked up the new Bath & Body Works Clay Body Scrub which comes in four new scents including  Almond & Vanilla, Jasmine & Green Apple, Lavender & Sandalwood and Wildberry and Chamomile.

I have been waiting for Bath & Body Works to release a clay scrub. I am a huge fan of their sugar scrubs and this clay one is amazing. I picked up Almond & Vanilla and Jasmine & Green Apple today.


What’s to love?

The new Bath & Body Works Clay Scrub uses Kaolin clay which I like and volcanic minerals. The formula has a medium consistency (not too thin, not too thick) and feels almost soft and fluffy going on. The first photo shows the product alone, in the second photo I added water and rubbed it in.

There is a bit of grit to the clay but it’s not abrasive which I loved. I felt like I got great exfoliation from it. I was actually blown away by how nice my skin felt after I used it. First you get the exfoliation, then the moisture kicks in. My hands felt like silk when I was done.

The scent of the Almond & Vanilla is a fresh musky/floral mix that’s both sweet and zingy. The Jasmine & Green Apple smells like fresh apples next to jasmine blooms. There is also a fresh citrusy scent mixed in. Lavender & Sandalwood is very soft and sleepy musky lavender. The Wildberry and Chamomile was my least favorite of the four. It’s nice but a little too floral for me.

Overall I am super impressed and thrilled that I now have a quality clay scrub for the shower. I hope they continue this line.

Price $16.50 (but don’t forget the Bath & Body Works sales and coupons).

Also be sure to check out my Spring 2017 Bath & Body Works Haul on YouTube!

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Lush Valentine’s Day Cupid Bath Bomb Review

The Lush Valentine’s Day Cupid Bath Bomb is new this year in the Lush Valentine’s Day 2017 line-up and it’s very cute. It would make a great gift too.

What’s to love?

Cupid is one of the lower priced Lush Bath Bombs and it is on the smaller side but it makes up for that in scent and color. Cupid is a mix of raspberry and roses and really does smell like Valentine’s Day! It dissolves is a super cute pattern too. You can see the pink heart center and the darker pink arrow as it melts. I do wish this one had a bit of shimmer to it.

Cupid also leaves the bath water a beautiful light pink and it soothed my skin. I’m thinking of getting three of these as a gift. They would look so cute in a box with rose petals. I love gifting Lush to my friends and family. They are always delighted by what I choose (thanks to Lush)!

Price: $5.25

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Lush Santa’s Postbox For Valentine’s Day? You Bet!

I was so excited to get my Lush Santa’s Postbox. It’s actually perfect for Valentine’s Day! I love repurposing holiday items. This is kind of like taking the green M & M’s out of the clearance Christmas stash and using them for Valentine’s Day. I did get the a slice off of the huge Santa’s Postbox and not the mini red postbox with gold accents.


What’s to love?

Santa’s Postbox consists of a delightful mix of red, orange, pink and purple chucks of soap which really is nice for Valentine’s Day! These are still for sale on the Lush North America site for 50% off and I want to get a few more.

The scent of Santa’s Postbox is definitely orange. It has Fresh Satsuma Juice, Bergamot Oil, Sicilian Mandarin Oil and Orange Flower Absolute and it smells amazing!

It also has Coconut Oil for moisturizing and the suds on this one as so soft and nice. This bar is great for the bath or as a hand soap and I think it would make a great gift.

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EOS Shave Cream Review

EOS has a new Shave Cream out and it’s just what I’ve been looking for! I am notorious for cutting my legs up in the shower but this new formula has left me cut free!

 What’s to love?

I picked up the smaller tube size of the EOS Shave Cream to test it our but it also comes in a nice 7 fl. oz. pump for $3.59. The Shave Cream comes in 4 scents including Tropical Fruit, Pomegranate Raspberry, Vanilla Bliss and Lavender Jasmine.

I chose the Pomegranate Raspberry which has a wonderful light fruit scent. I also want to try the Vanilla Bliss. The cream itself is white and pretty thick, it also has a bit of a whipped texture that sticks to your legs nicely.

I love how easily my razor worked with this cream. I got an amazingly smooth shave with no clogging of my razor and the cream rinses away clean. It has Shea Butter and Vitamins B3, C & E for moisturizing and my legs felt so smooth when I was done.

I definitely want to pick up the full-sized pump once I use this tube up. I love this stuff!


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Bath & Body Works Honolulu Sun Review

I did a mini Bath & Body Works haul yesterday. They are in the midst of their semi-annual sale and my store is still waiting on the Spring line to arrive but I did manage to pick up a few newer scents. Being that I’m freezing here in Ohio I thought that Honolulu Sun would be a nice reminder that Summer is coming in a few months!


What’s to love?

Honolulu Sun is the perfect mix of beach and island coconut. It’s definitely got a strong coconut base but there are also citrus, floral and musky tones in the mix. If you like straight up creamy coconut this one might not be for you. It’s more of a tropical beachy mix which is really nice for people who love that scent.

I picked up the Body Lotion and Foaming Hand Soap in this scent. Both are blue.

Honolulu Sun Body Lotion – The Body Lotion is a a very light blue and is rich and creamy. I always use this lotion in the Winter for scent and moisture. It has Shea and Vitamin E and is Made in the USA.

Honolulu SunFoaming Hand Soap – Hands down the Bath & Body Works Foaming Soap is my absolute favorite kitchen and bath soap. I have been using the Bath & Body Works foaming soaps for years and it’s the only soap that makes my hands feel clean. Two to three pumps gives you a nice handful of foamy soap that rinses away clean. I love this soap for kids too as there’s no gooey mess to clean up.

So there you have it! A little bit of paradise scent on a glooming snowy day in the Northeast!

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Lush Shooting Stars Soap Review

I got the second part of my Lush Boxer Day Sale haul and it had two bars of Shooting Stars Soap which is a glittery lemon delight!


What’s to love?

Shooting Stars is pure lemon, line and orange which I love. I am a huge fan of citrus soap so I stocked up on this one. My favorite piece of the three bars I got is this one because it has fours colors and lots of gold glitter.

If you happen to see a whole Shooting Stars soap (see below) you’ll see that it’s a bunch of stars surrounding one huge yellow shooting star with a tail. Lush then cuts this huge bar up into small pieces to sell. The advantage of going to the store is that you can pick your on piece, however I do like the surprise I get when ordering online.


Image Credit: Lush

Two of my bars are from the yellow star and this one has some of the smaller stars. I love all three! I get wonderful citrusy suds from this bar and then scent lasts after I leave the shower which I love.

Luckily Lush just restocked their sale items so you can get it on their site!

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Lush Elf Fun Review

Happy New Year! I can’t believe it’s 2017. We’re also having decent weather here in Ohio. My outside bush that I use as a backdrop for my photos is snow free so that’s good news too.

For some reason I thought there were only 3 Christmas themed Fun packs! Elf somehow snuck by me but luckily I was able to stock up during the Lush Boxing Day Sale and I wanted to share this one before the holiday seasons is completely over.


What’s to love?

The Elf version of Fun is all about cinnamon which will work great for Valentine’s Day too. It’s red, green, pink and white and comes with two elf legs so you can build your own elf. Or you can do what we do and just break off a chunk for bath time. My kid loves Fun as it’s a bubble bath, shampoo and soap all rolled into one. The main ingredient is corn starch and we’ve never had any skin irritation from Fun which I love.

The expiration date on this Fun is January of 2018 so I’m glad I stock up for the year!


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Bath & Body Works Bath Fizzy Balls Are Here!

Bath & Body Works now has these cool Bath Fizzy balls that are supposed to fizz and foam in the bath. They are super cute and smell amazing. I picked a few of these up as stocking stuffers and I can’t wait to try one. They come in classic Bath and Body Works scents including Sweet Pea, Moon Light Path, A Thousand Wishes, Japanese Cherry Blossom and Beautiful Day.

They also have these neat holiday scents that looks like giant wrapped hard candy and include Twisted Peppermint, Vanilla Bean Noel and Winter Candy Apple.

Also check out the new Bath & Body Works Bath Fizzies for Spring 2017!


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Lush Layer Cake Soap Review

I ordered up a slice of the Lush Layer Cake soap with my holiday order because we received a sample last time and loved it although we have a bit of a mystery as to what colors go with what scents. Lush cuts you a slice off of a huge chuck of soap and what you get is always a surprise.

The layers are grape, orange, blueberry, pineapple and raspberry juice and the colors of the entire soap creation are yellow, green, orange, purple and red but I’m not sure what scent goes with what color although I do love it!


What’s to love?

First up I am thrilled that I got red and green Christmas colors, I wonder if Lush planned it that way! The bar smells amazing and very fruity and honestly I can’t discern what particular fruit my bar is but that’s OK, I love it anyway.

The main ingredients are fresh orange juice, glycerine , rapeseed 0il and coconut which I found to lather and moisturize well.

I was actually surprised that this soap got kind of Meh reviews on the Lush site. I actually love the scent, found it to last and loved the lather. Perhaps they reworked the formula?