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The Eggies Beauty Sponge Case & Jelly!

The amazing people at Eggies Beauty sent me a free Eggies Case (with sponge) and an adorable Eggie Jelly to review.

First up the packaging and presentation is so cute, the products came in a purple mailing envelope. The Eggies Case comes in a nice ziplock style bag and the Eggies Jelly comes in a snap tight plastic case.


The Eggies Case – The case is an adorable pink “egg” that has snap closures on both sides and it would be great for travel. It’s so easy to loose a sponge or get one grimy in a make-up bag.

According to the Eggies website “Our patent pending ventilated makeup sponge case hygienically stores your sponge, which helps prevent bacteria getting on the sponge and ultimately prevents acne breakouts!” which I love! As you all know I’m a germaphobe.

I also got a really nice purple make-up sponge that did a fantastic job blending my It CC+ Cream.

The Eggies Jelly – This is my first experience with a Sillisponge and I have to say I am loving it. There are two design choices available, a cat and bunny. I got the cat which is  so cute and it comes with a carrying case.

The silicone sponge was really easy to use and even easier to clean. I am thinking this may be my new favorite make-up product!

I feel like these would also make great gifts as they are so cute.

You can also find Eggies Beauty on Instagram at: