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NEW Lush Secret Arts (formally Dark Arts) Jelly Bomb!

As if Halloween 2017 anticipation wasn’t exciting enough Lush UK decided to release a new Bath Bomb called Secret Arts, it was called Dark Arts. It’s actually a new bath bomb called a jelly bomb and it looks amazing!

Image Credit: Lush UK

This one feels like it came right out of Hogwarts and my guess is that Severus Snape would be all over this bath bomb of darkness!

First up, you might be asking like I did…What’s a Jelly Bomb? Lush explains it very well here. The short version is “Jelly Bombs release a spectacular jelly made from sodium alginate, which comes from a mineral-rich seaweed” which is really cool!

So not only is Dark Arts perfect for us Harry Potter fans it’s also perfect for the upcoming Halloween season and I hope that they come to North America!

The Dark Art Jelly Bomb is black with pink tendrils and has Brazilian orange oil, Cinnamon Leaf Oil and Sweet almond essential oil and it appears to turn the bath water an inky sparkly black which is so cool!

I just got my hands on one from the UK and I’ll be demoing it soon!


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3 Awesome Black Eyeliners!

This Summer I’ve been wearing black eyeliner a little more to define my eyes and I’ve been rockin’ these high end 3 brands. These are all samples I have gotten in my beauty boxes this past year! I have so many sample eyeliners I may never have to buy one again.


Smashbox Always Sharp Liner – This soft waterproof eyeliner comes in 8 colors and I love that it’s a twist up. It’s very smooth and looks great on my “older” eyes. Price: $21

Clinique Skinny Stick in Shimmering Black – This is the thinnest eyeliner I have ever seen but it works great on my waterline. It is also Ophthalmologist Tested, Allergy Tested. and 100% Fragrance Free. On sale for $17

Kat Von D Tattoo Liner in Trooper – This black liquid liner is waterproof and transfer-resistant. I love the bold look and it’s so easy to apply. It also comes in Mad Max Brown, Price: $20

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L’Oreal Voluminous Feline Noir Mascara Review

I got this full-sized L’Oreal Voluminous Feline Noir Mascara in my Winter Beautycon Box and it’s a really, really nice product! Ooo la la! OK, I really don’t know French, but I do know Feline Noir means black cat!


What’s to love?

The color of this mascara is Ferocious Black (hence the black cat title) and the tube has a leopard print design which I think is so unique! It reminds me a bit of the 80’s (maybe the Duran Duran Hungry Like The Wolf video?) Anyway I love how it looks in my make-up case.

The product itself is nice too. It feels more like a high end mascara than a drug store brand. The wand is simple and functional. Sometimes I hate when mascaras go overboard with a crazy wand shape when all I really want is a basis wand!

I was easily able to apply the Voluminous Feline Noir and I didn’t get any clumping. It also added volume and length to my lashes. I do recommend only using one coat though, two coats looked too thick on me.

I also found the staying power to be great! Overall I am super impressed with this formula.

Price: $8.99

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Mascara Q & A Time!


I’m in the mood for a good Q & A tonight!

So let’s go. Mascara Q & A time.

How many tubes of mascara do you own? 

Only 12? Really? OK, this is because I am a hygiene fanatic and I throw my mascara out every 30-45 days. It’s hard but I do it.

Favorite Mascara?

This is like asking who your favorite child is. So hard to answer. Right now I am all over the Benefit Roller Lash and SmashBox Full Exposure.

How long have you been wearing mascara?

Holy Moly! 32 years. That’s a lot of lashes.

Favorite color of mascara?

Black. I’m not a fan of the shock colors like blue and pink. I didn’t even like them in the 80’s.

Favorite guy in mascara?

I’m going to go with Nick Rhodes of Duran Duran. He still wears it well. I’m also a fan of the Adam Lambert look.

One coat or two or three?

I usually only apply one coat to my top and bottom lashes.

False or Not?

Not! I am not even close to being coordinated enough to apply false eyelashes and knowing my luck I’d loose one in my ice tea.


I feel like that used to be a huge thing but I rarely even notice if a mascara is waterproof until I try to remove it.

I hope you enjoyed this short Q & A. Feel free to use these questions for your own mascara Q & A.

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Covergirl Katy Kat Eye Mascara Review

I got a full sized tube of the Covergirl Katy Kat Eye Mascara in my Target Beauty Box and I was excited to try it, the results however were pretty mixed

The good and the bad…

First I have to say that this product is not a complete disaster as a mascara but there is no way the average human is creating flawless Katy Perry cat eyes with this product.

I got the Black shade and it also comes in Perry Blue and Very Black. The tube is all white with a black font and the tube is huge. It feels much larger than a standard tube.

Oh the wand! I’d say the worst part of this product is the wand. I actually thought it might be defective when I opened the tube. The shape is is like an oval swivel (which is where I think the 360° part comes from) but for me it didn’t work. The mascara was clumped on the wand and looked thick and goopy. I had to brush a good deal of it off before I applied.

After I removed some of the product the application wasn’t too bad but I only used one light coat. I think that more than one coat would have given me clumps. It did however work surprisingly well on my bottom lashes.


Being over 40 I tend to like a light mascara that looks natural. The Katy Kat looked decent with one coat but has too many other issue for me to be a fan.

On the plus side I had no itching or irritation at all and the product have a very light scent which I liked.


I took the above photo about 3 hours after I applied the mascara and I was out on a very windy day. You can see a weird black streak on my left eye and I think that’s from my hair swiping across my mascara and onto my face which was just weird.

Overall I think this mascara would probably work for some people, it’s just not my cup of tea. With so many mascaras on the market competition is fierce (ha…Katy Perry reference there) and this one didn’t make my cut.