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New Bath & Body Works Almond & Vanilla Scent Review

I am so excited about the New Bath & Body Works Almond & Vanilla Scent. I just got a great haul and I want to share what I got today.

Bath & Body Works has four new scents including Almond & Vanilla, Jasmine & Green Apple, Lavender & Sandalwood and Wildberry and Chamomile.

The new packaging is cute and simple with mauve and brown almonds drawn on a neutral background. The Almond & Vanilla products have natural almond oil in them too.

What’s to love?

If you love almond (like me) this could be your new favorite scent. I am crazy about this one. The top notes are Juicy Orange, Fresh Lemon, Pink Pepper , Hazelnut. It is a sweet scent with a musky zing. To me it also smells incredible fresh.

I picked up four of the six products in Almond & Vanilla including…

Almond & Vanilla Bath Fizzy – These white bath fizzies look really nice. They are about the size of a hockey puck and pretty compact. I’m excited to try one. Price: $7.50

Almond & Vanilla Whipped Body Butter – This new whipped body butter smells amazing and is so soft and fluffy. It is a light beige color (not white) and has Shea butter, coconut oil and vitamins B, C & E. It does not feel greasy or oily to me and it absorbed quickly into my skin. Price: $15.50

Almond & Vanilla Clay Body Scrub – I think this is my new favorite Bath & Body Works product, here’s a full review on my blog. Price: $15.50

Almond & Vanilla Body Cream – This is the Bath & Body Works Signature Body Cream and the new scent makes it even better. It has natural almond oil, Shea butter, aloe and cocoa butter. I love using this on my legs after shaving. Price: $13.00

They also have Shower Gel and Fine Fragrance Mist in Almond Vanilla.

I had a 20% off coupon and the signature items are buy 2, get one free or buy 3 get 2 free right now so I got a great deal too.

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EOS Shave Cream Review

EOS has a new Shave Cream out and it’s just what I’ve been looking for! I am notorious for cutting my legs up in the shower but this new formula has left me cut free!

 What’s to love?

I picked up the smaller tube size of the EOS Shave Cream to test it our but it also comes in a nice 7 fl. oz. pump for $3.59. The Shave Cream comes in 4 scents including Tropical Fruit, Pomegranate Raspberry, Vanilla Bliss and Lavender Jasmine.

I chose the Pomegranate Raspberry which has a wonderful light fruit scent. I also want to try the Vanilla Bliss. The cream itself is white and pretty thick, it also has a bit of a whipped texture that sticks to your legs nicely.

I love how easily my razor worked with this cream. I got an amazingly smooth shave with no clogging of my razor and the cream rinses away clean. It has Shea Butter and Vitamins B3, C & E for moisturizing and my legs felt so smooth when I was done.

I definitely want to pick up the full-sized pump once I use this tube up. I love this stuff!


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Skinvolve Body Karate Cream Review

This is actually a preliminary review as I think I need to use this for a few months to get the full effect. I received a full sized tube of Skinvolve Body Karate Cream in my Winter Beautycon Box and it’s a $39.99 product.


What’s to love?

This unique cream has caffeine and Argan Oil that’s supposed to hydrate, tone, smooth and improve the texture of your skin. So far I did notice that the cream does hydrate very well.

This white cream feels smooth to the touch but it does have a floral scent and I’m not super crazy about florals so I’m not sure I like this one yet. It is paraben and sulfate free which is nice. The reviews on this product are excellent so I’m excited to keep using it.

It does say to apply to the entire body however I’m not sure I want to caffeinate my entire self! Has anyone else had any experience with these caffeine infused lotions? I am curious to learn more.

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Bath & Body Works Frosted Coconut Snowball Scent Review

One of the coolest Bath & Body Works holiday scents is Frosted Coconut Snowball which is new for 2016.


What’s to love?

Frosted Coconut Snowball is perfect for people like me who like coconut scents year round. I love that Bath & Body Works packaged a coconut scent around a holiday theme. The packaging on Frosted Coconut Snowball is a cute snowman or sled with a blue background which is nice for people who want to decorate with colors other than the traditional red and green.

The scent smells like coconut, Hawaii and a bit of vanilla/mint which adds a holiday touch. You can get the Shower Gel, Ultra Shea Body Cream, Body Lotion, Deep Cleansing Hand Soap, Fine Fragrance Mist, Pocket-Bac, Shea & Sparkle Scrub and Gentle Foaming Hand Soap in this scent.

According to the label Frosted Coconut Snowball has notes of Frosted Coconut, North Pole Vanilla, Winter Freesia, Snowkissed Woods and Spun Sugar.

I have to say that I love that Bath & Body Works has added so many new products and scents for 2016. The hardest part is deciding which ones to choose!

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Bath & Body Works Snowflake & Cashmere Ultra Shea Bodycream Review

Happy November! I’m in full-on Christmas mode now that Halloween is over. I was at Target and Michael’s and Bath & Body Works today and Christmas has officially arrived. Everyone is clearing out Halloween and putting up Christmas today so I decided to review the new Bath & Body Works Snowflake & Cashmere Ultra Shea Bodycream which I love.


What’s to love?

I really love the new Bath & Body Works holiday packaging. The Ultra Shea Cream tubes are textured with glitter which is so pretty and festive

Snowflakes & Cashmere is a new scent that that has keynotes of Cashmere Cream, Shimmering Vanilla, Frosted Clementine, White Tea, Frosted Clementine and White Tea.

To me it smells like a spicy/musky vanilla. I like this scent for every day wear and it makes my skin feel amazing. I have been using this Ultra Shea formula for years and it does wonders on my skin in the Winter. These also make great gifts because they are so pretty.

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Bath & Body Works Magic Is In The Air Body Cream Review

The second part of my Bath & Body Works haul was for the brand new Magic Is In The Air Body Cream that I had a free coupon for and it’s my new favorite scent.


What’s to love?

The new Bath & Body Works Magic Is In The Air Body Cream is worth going into the store for. The scent consists of Almond Flower, Sparkling Persimmon, White Iris, Whipped Vanilla Bourbon and Fluffy Sandalwood…how’s that for a combo?

I use the Bath & Body Works Body Cream as a perfume and I love this new one so much that I also got the matching Pocket-Bac. It’s light and airy with a Winter bite, it’s neither a floral or a fruit but somewhere inbetween. It’s prefect for jeans and sweater weather. The Bath & Body Works cream is also so moisturizing and luxurious, it’s one of my all time favorite creams.

I also got a slew of new holiday coupons with my haul so I’ll be going back soon.

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Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Body Cream Review

One of my favorite scents this Fall is the Bath & Body Works Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin Body Cream and they are so affordable.


What’s to love?

This scent is so Fall. It’s the perfect mix of pumpkin and cinnamon without being overpowering, it’s also got a hit of vanilla and ginger snap in the formula.

I like using this body cream as a perfume too and everyone compliments me on the smell. It’s also so moisturizing (it’s got Shea Butter and Aloe Butter) for dry skin and one tube lasts forever.

I usually pick up a bunch of these for Fall gifts and everyone loves them! I don’t know what it is about Bath & Body Work in the Fall, but their product just make me happy.

Price: $13…but you can get a great deal when Bath & Body Works does a Buy 3, Get 3 Deal and use a coupon.