Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask Review

I received this Lush Brazened Honey Fresh Face Mask for free for turning in my Lush black pots and I have mixed feelings about it.

The Lush Brazened Honey Mask is good for two weeks and needs refrigerated which makes it a bit hard. However I was able to spread the mask on my face and it felt amazing going on. It has ground almonds for exfoliation which I love.

Brazened Honey also has ginger, fennel, cardamom and turmeric which warm and stimulate the skin. It also has lime oil and honey moisturizes. It has a kaolin clay base and it dried like a clay mask on my face. My mask didn’t feel hot or uncomfortable but it did leave my face a bit red which I didn’t mind.

My only issue is with the strong scent that lingers for a long time. It’s a spicy scent that I’m not sure I love.

Overall I loved the results of the mask (my face felt nice and tight) but the smell is a bit too much for me.