Bath & Body Works Fresh Cut Lilacs Candle Review

The new Bath & Body Works Fresh Cut Lilacs Candle is a hands down winner in both scent and jar style!

First up, the jar is a beautiful lavender with purple and white flowers. The wax on this one is white and the notes are Lilac Bouquets, Dewy Greens and Soft Spring Air.

The throw is unbelievably strong too and my entire house smelled like fresh lilacs. I am loving this candle!

Check out my full review of the Bath & Body Works Fresh Cut Lilacs Candle on YouTube!

Bath & Body Works 2017 Mother’s Day Tote

Today I picked up the Limited-Edition Bath & Body Works Mother’s Day Tote. The tote costs $30 (over $107 value) with any $30 Bath & Body Works purchase.

You can choose a gray tote with a light green mini bag that says “Hello” or a Pink tote with a light pink mini bag that says “Shine On”. I chose the gray bag, it also has a light green liner.

It says on the Bath & Body Works site that you can purchase through May 14th, 2017.


Here’s what you get in the bag:

  • Blushing Pink Rose Petals 3-Wick Candle (14.5 oz)
  • At the Beach Ultra Shea Body Cream (8 oz)
  • Vanilla Flower Hand Soap with Olive Oil (10 fl oz)
  • Warm Vanilla Sugar Bath Fizzy (4.6 oz)
  • Heart of Gold (Berry Sweet) Hand Cream (1 fl oz)
  • Heart of Gold (Berry Sweet) PocketBac (1 fl oz)
  • Glittering PocketBac Holder

The bag is a good quality vinyl and very sturdy, I’m going to use it as a beach bag this Summer. I love the contents and think it’s a great deal as I needed to get some more foaming hand soap so that easily got me to my $30 for purchase.

I also created Bath & Body Works Haul video that includes the Mother’s Day Tote unbagging.