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Lush Holiday 2016 Candy Mountain Bubble Bar Review

If you’re looking for the most over-the-top Willy Wonka inspired holiday soap this season than you’re going to want to pick up the Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar. This thing is amazing!


What’s to love?

Candy Mountain is a beautiful mix of white, pink and glitter and you can use the Lush Bubble Bars as soap, bubble bath or shampoo. Kids go nuts over the candy scent which you can smell across the room. I actually love the scent too. Sitting in a pile of candy bubbles does a world of good for everyone…I think! 

The Lush Bubble Bars also leaves my skin smooth, moisturized and a bit sparkly which is OK with me.

The size of this bubble bar is a bit larger than the Peeping Santa. It’s taller but looks like almost the same amount of product. It might be a tiny bit bigger. For some reason I was thinking it would be huge like Brightside. It would be fun to see a super-sized version of Candy Mountain!

Price: $7.45

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Lush Creamy Candy Bubble Bar Review

We’ve been using the Lush Creamy Candy Bubble Bar for about a month now and the whole family loves it.

What’s to love!

The Creamy Candy Bubble Bar is one of my favorite scents. If Willy Wonka made bath products this would be his signature product. I personally would love to see a Lush version of the Willy Wonka factory!

It does smell like cotton candy but once you add it to the bath and get the bubbles going it tames down to a beautiful sweet smell.  I love how the bathroom smells after someone uses it.

The beauty of the bubble bars is that you can break off a small chunk. We get about 5-7 uses per bar. Just make sure that you crumble a piece of over paper as there will be some crumbs coming off of it. The bubble bars have a medium-hard cakey consistency. Creamy Candy breaks better for me than “The Comforter” which seems harder.

Overall I would recommend trying this one. Some reviews say it’s on the sweet side but I say bring on the candy! Try it yourself and see what you think.

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The Mad Candy Spitting Machine or MCSM

OK so I’ve got Kohl’s Cash that expires tomorrow which means “use it, or lose it” and I am seeing nothing that I want or need. My goal is to declutter the house so what do I end up bringing home? The Mad Candy Spitting Machine or as I call it “MCSM”. The hand activated machine is supposed to spit candy out when you put your hand under it. Nice.

Well woah nelly, this thing is nuts!

We set it up. The kid starts putting her hand under to get candy and walks away. Yet, the MCSM does not stop. It’s now spewing M & M’s all over my house!

We got a bowl, that worked to contain the mess. Whew. But the MCSM completely emptied out and my kid suggests filling it up again, and again and again. Apparently this is fun!

Luckily (after about 15 minutes) I figured out there is an off switch. So now this little gem is going to bring fun and mayhem to our house until it jams or accidentally falls of the shelf.