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It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ Review

The It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream with SPF 50+ is the next product I won from the  It Girl Superheroes Program. I’ve been using this now for over a week and despite my love/hate relationship with foundation I have to say that I love this one now.


What’s to love?

I actually had a bad experience the first time I used the Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream. I had a sample of the fair shade and I used WAY to much and ended up looking like a clown, the sample was Medium and it was to dark for me.  This time I got the Light shade and learned how to use it properly.

The full-sized product has a great pump and I just use a very tiny drop on my finger to apply. Once that drop is worked in a get a second drop. My whole face only takes 4-5 drops.



The key for me is blending! The photo on the left is just a drop rubbed on. The photo on the right is with proper blended. As you can see the right looks much better!

First let me say that back in the 80’s we had so few choices in terms of good foundation so a lot of people over 40 (like me) have a hard time adjusting to these amazing new formulas that actually blend with your skin. Most of the 80’s foundations wore like stage make-up.

Once I figured out how to apply the  Your Skin But Better CC+ Cream I was really starting to see that “flawless” look people are talking about. Now I’m completely addicted to this product. I really do feel like it is an anti-aging serum as my skin is looking better the more I use it. It is infused with an advanced anti-aging serum made of hydrolyzed collagen, peptides, niacin, hyaluronic acid, antioxidants and vitamins A, B, C and E.

The scent of the cream is so appealing to me too. It’s a light citrus and smells really fresh and pretty. I also love that is has SPF 50+ because I am terrible at remembering to apply sunscreen once I’m out.

So overall I’m pretty addicted now! I also pair it up with the Bye Bye Pores and Bye Bye Under Eye for a completely amazing look.

Full-Sized Price: $38

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It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder SPF 50+ Review

I’ve been wanting to try the It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder SPF 50+ but I really didn’t want to pay $35 for it so when it showed up for 50% off at the Ulta 21 Days of Beauty Sale I grabbed it. I had some interesting results that I want to share.

The Your Skin But Better CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder comes in a dual compact. One side is the product and the other side houses a foam puff. There is also a nice mirror.

The powder itself is super fine and almost feels like a cream (but it’s still clearly a powder). I chose the Fair shade which I think is a bit too light. I wish I had gone with Light but I am going to keep the Fair shade. I swatched on my arm below and it’s a perfect match it just looks a tiny bit too light on my face but I found a work around.

I actually prefer applying this product with a brush as opposed to the puff. The key to a good application for me is having a complete clean and dry face. If I have any oil on my face it gets a little messy. So in the morning I washed my face with my Clinique City Block Cleansing Gel and waited for it to dry completely. Then I applied a very thin coat of the powder and blended — a lot! I found that if I don’t blend it in really well it looks like a powder mask. Blending is key for me and this powder!

I also found that blending the Bye Bye Pores Pressed on after gives me a dryer look. Once I got the powder on to my liking it did look very nice. My pores were diminished and I love that it has SPF 50+ for Summer.

Overall I am very happy with this product and I’ve been really happy with It Cosmetics in general for my over-40 skin. My big advice if you buy this one is to test out the shade before you buy.

This powder also has zero scent and is Made in the USA.

The It Cosmetics Your Skin But Better CC+ Airbrush Perfecting Powder SPF 50+  is also part of my Ulta Haul if you want to check it out.


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Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream Review

This is a day of freebies! I got this Clinique Moisture Surge CC Cream sample in one of my Clinique free gifts a few months ago and I love this product.

What’s to love?

I have this CC Cream in “Light Medium” which is a bit dark for my face. I need to pick up the “Very Light” shade. It has an SPF of 30 and is great as a concealer and sun protector.

What I love about this cream is that you can use it for spot coverage or apply all over with a sponge applicator. I use it both ways. The cream is super light and feels so soft and smooth on my face. It’s also 100% fragrance free (as are all Clinique products) which I love. I have oily skin and this product works great with my skin type.

Clinique CC Cream is “Naturally Radiant” while their BB Cream is “Semi-Matte/Matte”. I love the radiant look.

I carry this cream in my purse for touch-up too. Works so good on the go!

The Full-Sized price is $38.50