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C.O. Bigelow Body Lotion Review

I picked up three of the C.O. Bigelow Body Lotions for my mom over the holidays. You can get these at Bath & Body works for $9 each and they are really nice.


What’s to love?

Fun fact! C.O. Bigelow was founded in 1838 and is the oldest surviving apothecary–pharmacy in the U.S.A and the only actual C.O. Bigelow store is the original location at Sixth Avenue store in Greenwich Village. You can get their products online and at Bath & Body works.

I love their line and their body lotions are amazing. My mom has extremely dry hands and is always looking for a new lotion so I got her Citrus Vetiver, Lime Coriander and Vanilla Birch. They also come in Freshwater Lavender, Almond Musk, Sea Salt Mimosa, Bergamot Amber, Mandarin Oak and Cashmere Fig.

The body lotions are made with Shea Butter, Vitamin E, Aloe and Vitamin B5 and they really do work for us. The white formula is soft and and absorbs quickly. It does not feel greasy at all and they scents are amazing and strong in a fresh and beautiful way. I don’t find them to be perfumey at all, but more earthy and fresh. I’ve actually had people compliment me on the scent in stores.

I also love the simple masculine style of the bottles. I put one on my dresser and my husband started using it, he love it too. I think this product is great for anyone.

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How To Cut Lush Soap (and why this is a cool hack!)

I am a huge fan of the Lush glycerin soaps but one of the problems I have come across with all glycerin soaps is that they are 1) slippery and 2) they can get cloudy if they sit in water.

Here’s a picture of Lush soap that I cut up and arranged in a soap dish. It looks really pretty when you have guests over too.


I’ve found that cutting up my Lush soap not only prolongs my bar but also giving me a fresh experience every time I get a new chunk.

Here’s the process I use for cutting Lush soap.

The Back Story – Lush actually cuts their soap from a really large piece themselves so cutting really isn’t new. I would actually love to own an entire Lush soap wheel just for fun. Lush them packages up the smaller bars for sale. Each bar has a unique shape.

The Knife – I actually have a funny story about the knife I used. It’s a $199 Miyabi knife from Japan that was gifted to me by fairly famous author (I worked for him) who shall remain nameless because I’m not sure he’d be amused by me cutting up soap with his $199 gift. I chose this knife because it cuts through anything and I wanted to use a sharp knife. Ironically a butter knife works just as well because the soap is fairly soft.

The Process – As you can see below I simply just cup up each bar using the knife. It was really easy and a cute the chucks up in different shapes for variety.


The Final Product – Today I cut up Santa’s Postbox, Shooting Stars, Baked Alaska, Snow Castle, Reindeer Rock and Magic Wand.

Once I get the pieces cut up I store them in ziplock bags in a cool, dry, dark place so that they don’t stick or melt. Then when I take a shower or bath I can just grab a chunk of my favorite soap. I like this because I tend to switch off on scents quite often and I love have a fresh piece. Each piece lasts about 3-5 showers.



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Lush Baked Alaska Review

My second Lush Boxer Day Sale went out on quite an adventure! Due to bad weather it got delayed in Portland, OR and has seen more states than me which I think is pretty cool.

Luckily my order arrived in tact and the first thing that caught my eye was Baked Alaska, I got two and I’m tempted to get more. It’s still available on Lush North America at 50% off.

What’s to love?

In its whole Baked Alaska looks like a giant snowball, that’s the whitish coating you see in the first picture, however when it’s sliced up the colors are beautiful globes embedded in the soap! It looks like an 80’s party inside!

The smell of Baked Alaska is so intoxicating too. It’s definitely citrus with a a mix of organic lemon myrtle, grapefruit and ylang ylang. The suds on this one are so soft and bubbly too. It truly embodies the Lush experience and is one of my favorite soaps. I will they’d sell this one year round.

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Lush Sandstone Soap Review

The Lush Sandstone Soap is unique in that it’s not the prettiest of the Lush soaps but it sure makes up for it in scent.

What’s to love?

I got this sample piece of Sandstone a couple of weeks ago and just tried it out. While the color is kind of a dull brown it does remind me of a sandy beach. However the scent is amazing! It’s pure citrus with the featured ingredient being Coriander Oil.

This soap is not super bubbly but the lather is nice and smooth.

It’s also got some serious exfoliating power because it’s got sand in it. I really enjoyed using this soap and my skin felt amazing afterwards. I love the rough texture and the citrus scent so much. This one is definitely on my list for my next order.

The one thing I love about Lush Soaps is that I always find a new favorite. I have about 10 now that I like to rotate though and of course Lush is always coming out with new ones to tempt me.

One note too. I find that the Lush Soaps last me a good long while. I feel like I am getting my money’s worth out of a 3.5 oz. bar. They only thing you have to be careful about is that these glycerine bases soaps are super slippery.

Price: $7.97 for 3.5 oz.

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Bath & Body Works Winter’s Magic Foaming Hand Soap Review

I just got back from the Bath & Body Works $2.95 soap sale and got a nice haul.

Number one on my list was the new Winter’s Magic Foaming Hand Soap set that includes Fresh Sparkling Snow, Frosted Cranberry, Snow Kissed Citrus, Vanilla Snowflake, Winter White Woods, Sparkling Mint Blossom. I got 4 of the 6 but smelled them all.


First up I love the bottles, they are festive without being cartoony. The bottles also have a textured glitter which I love.

Vanilla Snowflake (Gold) – This classic warm vanilla and coconut scent is perfect for the bath or kitchen and a favorite of mine. It’s a bit different from the classic B&BW Vanilla Bean Noel which is nice.

Fresh Sparkling Snow (Blue) – This awesome kitchen scent is pear and melon with a “winter musk”. I think it smells fruity and spicy. It’s so good.

Sparkling Mint Blossom (Green) – I am a mint fanatic so adding another mint soap is fine by me. This one is a sugary mint and very Christmasy.

Winter White Woods (Clear) – This woodsy scent is white birch, juniper berry and vanilla. I love this scent for the guest bath. The bottle has pine cones which I love for the holidays.

Snow Kissed Citrus (Blue) – I have a ton of citrus scents so I passed on this sugary lemon one but it is really nice.

Frosted Cranberry (Red) – This is another great kitchen scent with a nice fruity smell. It’s so pretty too.


Overall I give this set a 10/10 for being so pretty and diverse. These soaps also makes great gifts!

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Lush Brightside Bubble Bar Review

The Lush Brightside Bubble Bar is the orange citrusy sister of The Comforter and just as nice! This orange is a beautiful color to set out for Halloween too. If I won the lottery my house would be filled with Bubble Bars!


What’s to love?

Brightside is a huge 7 oz. bubble bar that lasts us for about 10 baths. I use a butter knife to cut of a piece for bath time. A small chunk makes loads of bubbles.

If you love citrus like me than you’re going to go bonkers for Brightside. It’s a mix of Sicilian mandarin, tangerine and bergamot oil with a little Gardenia Extract. I just run a piece under the water to start getting bubbles. The water will turn faint orange color with a mild citrusy fragrance. Both me and my daughter love this bar and our skin feels amazing after a bath.

How Brightside is made!

Price: $11.95

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Origins GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer Review

I am a huge fan of Origins and the GinZing line is a favorite of mine.

What’s to love!

The GinZing Energy Boosting Moisturizer is one of the favorites in my moisturizing collection. I use it when my skin is feeling dry and worn out. The smell is amazing. I could actually carry this product around and just sniff it all day. It has a light orange scent with a touch of “earthy”. It reminds me of Summer!

GinZin can be used for any skin type. I have a very oily T-zone with flakey areas on my forehead and this product tames both. I also use it on my hands when they are feeling dry.

The oil free formula contains Panax Ginseng and Coffee Bean (two of my favorites).

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Lush New Lava Lamp Bath Bomb Review

I am declaring this “Bath Bomb Sunday”. I was going to save this one for another day but my daughter was so excited to try it out we decided to test it out.

I am so glad I did. Lava Lamp is my absolute new favorite bath bomb and I seriously want to hoard these like crazy. Right now you can only get them the web but I’ve heard they are coming to Lush stores soon.


So what’s so HOT about the Lush Lava Lamp Bath Bomb? Here’s the scoop!

First up I was a bit worried when it arrived in the mail. It didn’t look at all like the photo on Lush. Mine was a bit odd looking and messy (see 1st photo), but never fear, this sucker is awesome.

The Scent…I am completely bonkers over the scent of this bath bomb. It’s a wonderful citrus smell that reminds me of a what I think an expensive European Spa would smell like. It’s got orange and tangerine which apparently mesh really well together. The scent is not in the least bit over-powering.

The Spots…At first I was completely confused about the purple “Lava” spots. They are in fact Cocoa Butter that melts in the tub to look like lava! Coolest effect ever in a bath bomb.

The Smoothness…We tested this out with a foot bath and now our feet smell amazing and feel like butter! I seriously can’t wait to try this in the bathtub. My feet have never looked better.

Overall I am thrilled with this bath bomb and plan to get a few more. If you love the Dragon Egg you are going to flip over Lava Lamp.