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Lush Easter Chocolate Easter Egg Soap Review

I just love the Lush Easter Chocolate Easter Egg Soap for an Easter gift. It’s so pretty and smells amazing!

 What’s to love?

The title of this the Chocolate Easter Egg Soap is a bit confusing at first because when you hear chocolate you’re probably thinking about the cocoa chocolate variety although it is made with cocoa butter.

The Chocolate Easter Egg Soap actually smells like lemon sherbet to me and has coconut oil, grapefruit oil and lemon oil. The scent is definitely sweet and on the soft side.

The bar itself is yellow with a pink and green flower in the center. It’s very cute and reminds me of a retro Easter pattern.

It’s got nice soft suds and my hands felt smooth and soft after using this one.

Price: $5.95

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Bath & Body Works CocoShea Coconut Body Buff Review

I wanted to share the last scent in the new Bath & Body Works CocoShea collection which is Coconut. I already reviewed the Honey and Cucumber scents and the Coconut one is just as nice.

What’s to love?

The entire CocoShea line is just amazing and I love the store displays. I snapped this pic at my Bath & Body Works and as you can see the display is quite nice and you can test all the products. I also got the sponge.


The CocoShea Coconut line includes Body Wash, Whipped Body Butter, Lightweight Body Oil, Body Lotion and the Body Buff which I purchased.

The CocoShea Coconut Body Buff is so nice. It has Cocoa Butter, Shea Butter and Coconut Oil with coconut shells and sugar crystals for the smoothing  factor. I would say the exfoliation factor is light to medium.

I have to say that the scent of this one is mellow. It smells like natural coconut for me without any added fragrance.

I did a comparison of the three CocoShea Scrubs on YouTube too.

I tried this out on my legs and it really made them smooth. I think this will be a great Summer product for my skin. I really want to add the Whipped Body Butter to my collection too.

Price: $13.50 (but be on the look-out for sales and coupons).

Check out the entire Bath & Body Works CocoShea line on my YouTube video!


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Lush Peeping Santa Bubble Bar Review

Here’s another great find from the Lush Christmas collection! The Peeping Santa Bubble Bar is super cute and smells wonderful.


What’s to love?

The Lush Christmas Bubble Bars have got me in super bath mode. The Peeping Santa bar is bigger than I expected and quite hefty. He fills my hand up pretty good although mine looks a little sad.

The good news is that this cocoa butter bubble bar smells amazing too. To me it smells like a combo of strawberry and candy. I cut poor Santa up into 5 pieces which works pretty well. The Dairy-Free Chocolate Drop “eyes” are also great fun for kids to play with among the bubbles.

This one is a nice bubbler and great fun for both kids and adults and they make great stocking stuffers. I heard first hand from my daughter that the tween crowd LOVES Lush.