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EOS Easter Hand Lotion 3-Pack Review

I picked up this cute little EOS Easter Hand Lotion 3-Pack as a gift from Target and I also got one for myself!


What’s to love?

This EOS Easter hand lotion set contains 3 limited edition scents including Delicate Petals, Berry Blossom and Cucumber. I think the Berry Blossom is my favorite. It’s a light fruit with just a bit of floral.

The packaging on these lotion is neat too. They are flat and easily fit in a purse or make-up bag.

The formula provides 24-hour moisture, is 90% natural, hypoallergenic and dermatologist tested and it has  shea butter, aloe and antioxidants.

I do find that this lotion makes my hands feel very soft with no greasiness and they make such cute gifts! The design would work for Easter, Mother’s Day or Spring.

Price: $4.99

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Lush Easter 2017 Flopsy Face Wash Jelly Review & Demo

I just got my 2017 Lush Easter haul and I’m quite excited! One of the items in the haul is the Flopsy Face Wash Jelly and let me just say the whole family had a ball playing with this one. This is a very unique Lush product and it’s adorable in a sci-fi sort of way.

What’s to love?

Flopsy comes smashed in a Lush tub and the little guy is crammed in there pretty well. You actually have to unfold and separate him (or her) very carefully. You can see the “unfolding in my video”.

Once Flopsy is out of the tub he’s basically a big wobbly bunny face jelly that’s got Fresh Carrot Infusion, Seaweed Gel, Almond Oil and Lemon Oil. It’s also got some florals. Now for the weird part. I’m not sure I like Flopsy’s scent. Lush calls it “Zesty” and I would say that’s a good description. It’s not a bad smell, just very unusual and his scent tends to linger.

To use Flopsy just add water and lather him up. I suppose you could cut a piece off but I recommend just balling him up and lathering.

This is seriously one of the most fun Lush products I have ever owned and my family had a great deal of fun chasing people around the house with this wobbly jelly. So it’s a win for us!

He’s also Made in Canada and Vegan.

Check out my YouTube Lush Easter Reveal with Flopsy!


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Easter 2017 Beauty Haul From Target

Oh my gosh! I just went to Target and it’s an Easter wonderland. I actually had to sneak past a 6 foot palette of Peeps to snag some of these beauty Easter finds. I have to say that I’m a bit crazy about holiday themes and this stuff was so much fun to buy. I’ve got some great Easter gifts now and a few things for myself.


Here’s what I got!


EOS Easter Hand Lotion 3 Pack – You get 3 EOS lotions including Berry Blossom, Delicate Petals and Cucumber. They also have a super cute Easter Lip Balm pack.

SinfulColors Nail Polish in Easter Shades – I picked up 3 pretty Easter shades including Havana Great Time, 24/7 and Cash Out.


Katy Katy Matte in Cosmo Kitty – I’m not sure this is the right shade for me but I really like this Easter purple shade from the Katy Perry line.


Lip Smacker Easter Egg 3-Pack -This is so adorable! You get 3 scents of Lip Smackers including Whipped Mallow, Cotton Candy Day Dream and S’More Fun in a pink and clear plastic egg.


Lip Smacker Disney Tsum Tsum Collect and Stack Animal – This cute little guy was in the Easter section. It’s Kooky Oatmeal Cookie flavor inside this little critter.It also comes in Chocolate Chip, Cheer Up Butter Cup and Caramel Kisses.

So there you have it! Some cool ideas for your 2017 Easter Baskets. I also showed these products off in a YouTube Haul! I deviated a little bit from beauty and included some Easter Candy that I found at Target, I just could not resist. Their Easter finds are so cute and I really needed some Cadbury Cream Eggs and Oreo Peeps! Enjoy.



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Lush Easter 2017 Is Here!

Updated March, 2nd 2017 – Easter is coming on fast. I’m even seeing peeps and Cadbury Creme Eggs in the grocery store so I wanted to get a head start on Lush Easter 2017.

Lush Easter is now up on the Lush North American site!

One of the featured items on the page is the Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt which is an Easter favorite. This toffee scented glitter bomb is going to be first on my list of Easter fun this year!

Check out my 2017 Lush Easter Haul with Flopsy!

Here are a few more Lush Easter picks and I’m hoping the Easter Bunny leaves on my doorstep. You can see the photos of these products on the Lush site.

Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt – This glittery egg has Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter, Fair Trade Olive Oil and Almond oil.


Chocolate Easter Egg Soap – While there’s no chocolate in this one there’s plenty of coconut and citrus for moisture.

Which Came First Bath Bomb – I really want to get my hands on thisSicilian lemon and grapefruit oil bath bomb for Spring! It’s pink and yellow which is too cute.


Image Credit: Lush

Flopsy Face Wash Gel – This is such a fun product! Rub this fresh carrot and citrus infusion on your face for maximum froth. He’s a little weird too.

Wash Behind Your Ears Shower Gel –  I am loving the bright orange color of this Spring Shower Gel with a jasmine and rose scent.

Screen Shot 2017-03-02 at 4.54.17 PM.png

Image Credit: Lush

Bunch Of Carrots Bubble Bar – One of the most exciting products from the Lush Easter is the Bunch of Carrots Bubble bar which is 3 adorable carrots in a bunch in pinks shades. They have a earthy citrus scent.

Chick ‘n’ Mix Bath Bomb – This adorable egg has a surprise in the middle. It’s Tonka Absolute and Bergamot Oil scented. UK product.

Golden Egg – This looks to be the perfect Easter gift! You get the Sunnyside Bubble Bar, Butterball Bath Bomb, Chocolate Lip Scrub, Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt, Floating Island Luxury Bath Oil and a Honey I Washed The Kids – Gift Size.


Image Credit: Lush

There are also a lot of Lush Kitchen Exclusives on the page like Lava Lamp Egg, Big Blue Egg, The Experimenter Egg and Integgalactic.