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Lush Respect Your Elders Soap Review

I’ve got one more amazing Lush product to share today. The Respect Your Elders Soap is fast becoming a favorite for me!


What’s to love?

The color of this soap says it all. Respect Your Elders is an amazing dark purple shade with wisps of lilac. This is definitely a Harry Potter shade.

The scent is amazing too. It’s Elderberry and olibanum oil which smells so fruity is a luscious moody way. Yes, moody fruit is pretty cool.

I love the lather on this one and my skin feels so soft, it has Rapeseed Oil and Coconut Oil. My skin is so fragrant when I use this one too. I may just have to stock up for Fall.

This is however a glycerine soap so it does get slippery. I alway use a soap dish to contain there soaps.

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