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GlamGlow Supercleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser Review

The GlamGlow Supercleanse Daily Clearing Cleanser is a favorite of mine in the shower. One of the ingredients is  Kaolin, Mentha Piperita (Peppermint) Oil and I love how it smells!

What’s to love?

I am a huge fan of GlamGlow and this mud to foam cleanser that does so well in removing my make-up in the shower. The product comes out of the container as a mud but then lathers into a nice face wash. It’s not super bubbly but the peppermint smell is amazing!

It also has (Licorice) Root Extract and Globulus Leaf Powder which are supposed to help with clearing skin. I have to say that this product does keep my skin in good condition. It is a little pricey at $29.00 but I get about 8 months out of each bottle. A tiny bit goes a long way.

I also have used (and love) the GlamGlow YouthCleanse but I think my skin prefers Supercleanse a bit better.

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Clinique City Block Purifying Charcoal Cleansing Gel Review

I am so excited about the new Clinique City Block Purifying Charcoal Cleansing Gel. I actually picked this up for my husband but now I want one. My husband has combination skin that’s on the oily side and he’s been using bar soap which drys his skin so I convinced him to try this new charcoal cleanser and he loves it.


What’s to love?

I tried this out first and all I can say! My skin instantly looked better after just one wash. The formula is a black gel that turns white and bubbly when you rub into your hands or on a wash cloth or you can buy the Clinique Sonic System City Block Purifying Cleansing Brush Head for $26, I may just pick this up. The product has no scent.


After I rinsed my face it just felt clean and really, really soft. It also removed my make-up and I swear my pores looked a bit smaller. For someone like me with an oily face this product is amazing. Now I want the Pore Refining Solutions Charcoal Mask.

The funny thing is Clinique actually has a Clinique For Men Charcoal Face Wash and I wonder if this is the same thing. My guess is that it is, they just market one for men and one for women.

The 5 fl. oz. tube costs $20 which I found to be very reasonable for the quality of the product.

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Lush Let the Good Times Roll Cleanser Review

I decided I have a serious problem when it comes to Lush cleansers and face masks, I just love so many of them and like lipstick I love switching them up every week. This week I’m all about the Let the Good Times Roll cleanser.

What’s to love?

Not only does Let the Good Times Roll look like cookie dough it smells like it too. The main ingredients are Maize flour and corn meal which apparently are great at exfoliating because my face literally glows after using this cleaner. I use this in the morning because the scent is so pleasant, really makes you want cookies for breakfast.

To use simply pinch off a small chunk and mix with warm water in your hand. Then I rub in circles on my face for about 30 seconds and remove with a warm wash cloth.

Let the Good Times Roll also has good moisturizing properties so I use an oil-control mask in the evening like Cupcake or Mask of Magnaminty because my face is on the oily side.

So Yes! to another amazing Lush cleanser…I want to try Herbalism next.

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GlamGlow YouthCleanse Review

I got on the GlamGlow bandwagon about a month ago and have been testing out various sample masks and I’m impressed. GlamGlow is a fairly new company with a neat story. I like reading about the people who make my beauty products and Glenn & Shannon have a great story.

So after my sample attack I decided to order the YouthCleanse Exfoliating Starter Kit from GlamGlow for $39.00. The kit comes with a full size cleanser and 2 15g masks.

The product came super quickly and the packaging was awesome. Lots of black tissue paper to protect it.

Here’s the YouthCleanse product that you get.

What’s to love?

The first thing I noticed was the packaging. You get this giant black and silver cardboard cylinder that holds the cleanser. When you take the top off you are greeted with the “Hello Sexy” logo and a cool spiral paper that wraps around the product (not pictured). This paper give you the low down on what the YouthCleanse does.

I also loved the pump itself. This hefty container feels solid. You get the product out by pumping a few times. I found it super easy to operate.

The cleansing mud is a light brown smooth cream with some grit. I love the smell, it’s light and fresh and just a bit earthy. When I added warm water I got a nice low-bubble cream which I washed my face with. It felt great and rinsed off clean. The bottle says it’s a mud-to-foam cleanser but I can’t really say it felt like foam to me.

Afterwards I did feel like my skin was tighter and felt great. I love a cleanser that makes my skin feel super clean and dry and this one delivered. However if you already have super dry skin you might need to moisturize afterwards. My skin is really oily so I just use a light moisture cream at night.


Overall I’m really impressed with this cleanser. I’ve been using it for a week now and feel like my skin is greatly improved. I like keeping this bottle in the shower so that I can wash my face in the evening when I do shower. I’m excited to try more GlamGlow products too.

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Lush Mask of Magnaminty Review

If you’re looking for a daily cleanser that tackles oil this is the mask for you. Being 46 my skin is far from having a teenage glow but Mask of Magnaminty does give me back some of that youthful texture. I also have very oily skin that needs a good cleaning in the morning and Mask of Magnaminty delivers on removing oil without drying your skin.

Why I Love Mask of Magnaminty.

This is my go-to daily staple (I alternate with Dark Angels and regularly experiment with other Lush facial products). It’s gentle enough for everyday, and tough enough to give you a great clean.

The smell of this product is definitely minty (but it’s not artificial, sweet or icky). Like all Lush products you’re going to get a mixture of earth scents with your main ingredient. Mask of Magnaminty also Ground Aduki Beans, Evening Primrose Seeds and African Marigold Oil which blend in with the mint scent.

The mask itself is a creamy green clay that’s a bit rough from the beans and seeds. Spread a thin layer on your entire face and leave set for 2-3 minutes for a daily clean or leave on for 10 minutes for a deep clean. I wash mine off with a warm wash cloth.

You will definitely notice that your skin is clean and fresh after use and that over time your pores will be smaller.

Another plus I have noticed is that I am acne free. I tend to get hormonal acne breaks outs from time to time and Mask of Magnaminty will quickly eliminate those blemishes.

Tip! I’ve read that putting this product in the fridge will give you a wonderful tingly sensation as the cold magnifies the minty sensation.