New AVON Skin Care Products

AVON just announced the arrival of new skin care including The Face Shop JEJU Volcanic Lava collection! AVON is giving special access to world-class brands and new skin care products today. These do have limited quantities and they will go fast. So, get them while you can!

New AVON Skin Care Products Include —

Isa Knox Products

Isa Knox Age Focus Prime Wrinkle For All Multi Balm – Easy and intensive care formulated for wrinkles. This multi balm stick with Cedrol helps provide convenient care for the improved look of wrinkles around the eyes, forehead, and neck. Its oil balm texture melts softly into the skin to leave a moisturizing feeling without greasiness or stickiness. With 3 types of firming complex to deliver moisture to dry skin. .24 fl. oz. 

CNP Laboratory Products

CNP Laboratory Propolis Energy Active Ampule – Featuring honeycomb-derived propolis extract, this intensive formula gently adheres to skin to provide healthy moisture and a glowing appearance. 
This moisturizing ampule delivers the appearance of vitality and radiance to tired and weakened skin. 1.76 oz. 

CNP Laboratory Propolis Energy Active Ampule Cream – Featuring honeycomb-derived propolis extract, this intensive formula gently adheres to skin to provide healthy moisture and a glowing appearance. 

CNP Laboratory Propolis Amino Cleanser – Featuring honeycomb-derived propolis extract, this intensive formula mildly cleans away impurities, providing a moisturized finish.
Moisturizing cleanser with propolis extract and amino acids to thoroughly cleanse skin. 6.76 oz. 

The Face Shop JEJU Volcanic Lava Products

A purifying collection of pore care cleansing that cleans deep inside the pores to remove impurities and deep clean pores. Made with volcanic lava (from the Korean island of Jeju) that helps effectively absorb sebum and impurities.

The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Fresh Nose Strips – Target pores with these nose strips, made with Jeju volcanic lava to remove deep-down impurities and deep clean pores. Includes 7 strips. 

The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Deep Pore-Cleansing Foam Scrub – A micro-fine foam scrub containing Jeju volcanic lava that helps absorb sebum, and plant-derived ingredients from the pristine Jeju Island. Formulated with fine scrub particles of different sizes, this scrub works to gently remove excess sebum, impurities and dead skin cells in the fine layers of skin and pores. 4.7 fl. oz. 

The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava 3-Step Impurity-Removing Nose Strip Kit – Target pores with this nose strip kit, made with Jeju volcanic lava to remove deep-down impurities and deep clean pores. This 3-step kit opens up pores, soothes and refines skin.  A 3-step nose strip kit that effectively extracts impurities from pores and visibly tightens the pores to make your nose visibly smoothed out! 

The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Anti-Dust Pore-Cleansing Foam – A cleansing foam that removes oil and impurities and deep cleans pores, containing Jeju volcanic lava that helps absorb sebum, and plant-derived ingredients from the pristine Jeju Island. The creamy moisturizing clay formula turns into a foam for daily ultrafine dust cleansing. 4.7 fl. oz. 

The Face Shop Jeju Volcanic Lava Impurity-Removing Nose Pack – Go where your average nose strip can’t. Target pores with this liquid nose pack, made with Jeju volcanic lava to remove deep-down impurities and deep clean pores.

My name is Bonnie and I’m an Avon Rep & Leader! You can order from my online store at: Shipping is free on $60+

Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Face Mask Demo & Review

Today I picked up the new Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Face Mask and I am thrilled with the outcome! These amazing masks come in 4 varieties, I got the Brightening Mask.

What’s to love?

First up, the packaging is both cool and creepy. The mask comes in a milkshake style plastic cup with a lid that looks like a baby face and the straw/spatula comes out of its mouth (see, cool and creepy!)

Inside the cup are two pouches that have to be mixed together. They have to be shaken, not stirred : ) Stirring just makes sludge. Shaking makes the mask!

Once the mask is shaken you can apply with the spatula or your fingers. I found it easier to use my fingers. The mask is super smooth and feels amazing. It has no scent and does not feel or smell like rubber. I kept my mask on for 20 minutes and it dried soft and firm. It was super easy to peel off and my skin felt very smooth and did look a bit brighter when I was done.

These masks are a bit pricey at $12 but there is a generous amount so I think you could share with a friend.

Overall I am thrilled with this mask and the firming one is next on my list.

Also check out my video demo of the Dr. Jart+ Shake & Shot Rubber Face Mask.

GLAMGLOW Gravitymud Firming Treatment Sonic Blue Collectible Edition Review

The GLAMGLOW Gravitymud Firming Treatment Sonic Blue Collectible Edition is the most expensive face mask I’ve ever used but well worth it and if I ever win the lottery I’m buying about 50 of these.

I bought this tube of Sonic Blue Gravitymud at Sephora for $22 for 0.05 oz. (yes, I am crazy) and without another income source I’m definitely not buying another one. However aside from the price I love the product.


What’s to love?

I’ve been a fan of GlamGlow for about a year now and relish in getting their masks in my beauty boxes because I really do love their products.

The Gravitymud in Sonic Blue is that same as the silver Gravitymud only it’s blue. I’ve used the silver variety too.

Gravitymud in Sonic Blue is a peel off mask (which I love) and it goes on smoothly and I leave the metallic blue (it’s really blue) mask on for 30 minutes then peel it off. It’s actually easier to peel if you apply a thicker coat but then you have to use more product. I wipe they reside off with a wet make-up remover or just wash it off with cleanser and water.

I get no burning or redness from the Gravitymud masks and this one left my face smooth and tight. I’d love to use it twice a week as recommended however the $22 tube give me 2 uses so that would be about $88/month for treatments. Whoa!

I also love how GlamGlow smells. All of their masks have a unique scent and that smells amazing to me.

Overall I’m thrilled with this mask I just don’t love the price.

Que Bella Face Mask Refreshing Pomegranate Peel-Off Mask Review

Target has a ton of new face masks including the Que Bella Face Mask Refreshing Pomegranate Peel-Off Mask which I picked up today. I really loved the results too.


What’s to love?

This is a clear gel mask that has a fairly strong fruit scent. It’s pretty sticky but it was easy to apply with my fingers and there is a generous amount in the package for one application.

I love peel-off masks because I feel like they do a deep clean on my skin and this one worked well. I left in on for 20 minutes and it was super easy to peel off with no pain or sticking. It did burn my face just a little, but nothing that bothered me.

I was also thrilled with the results. My face felt very clean and exfoliated when I was done and it looks smoother. I also bought the Watermelon Relieving mask to try next.

Price: $1.99

Pur~lisse Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask Review

Over the past 6 months I’ve gotten a lot of Pur~lisse samples and I finally got around to using the Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask and I loved it. This mask is an excellent exfoliator and my face felt so soft after this treatment.

What’s to love?

I am a huge fan of clay masks and this one is super nice because it’s an exfoliator too. The Blue Lotus Seed Mud Mask has Blue Lotus Seeds, White Clay, Bamboo, Ginger, White Tea and Mushroom Extract.

The white formula is super creamy clay with mild exfoliation seeds. It smells amazing with a light earthy floral scent. After gently rubbing in the mask I left it on my face for 10 minutes and washed it off with warm water. The mask did not feel tight as it dried but it does feel tingly as it dries.

My face felt amazing after this treatment. It was soft, smooth and oil free and I plan on using this once a week. I’m really glad I have a bunch of these samples now!


Price: $52 2.5 oz.

L’Oreal PURE-CLAY MASK Detox & Brighten Charcoal Clay Mask Review

I’m on a roll today with the masks! Last night I used the L’Oreal PURE-CLAY MASK Exfoliate & Refining Treatment Mask and it just didn’t work for me, the scent was way to strong and floral. So today I decided to test out the black charcoal L’Oreal PURE-CLAY MASK Detox & Brighten Clay Mask and I love it!

I have always been a fan of charcoal masks and this one is amazing. It also just goes to show that you should test out all three of these L”Oreal masks to find the one that works for you.

What’s to love?

The Detox & Brighten is just what I love in a mask. The scent is much lighter than the Exfoliate & Refining Mask. It does have a very light fresh/earthy/floral scent but I like it.

It was easy to spread the thick black creamy mask on my face and as it dried I could feel it tightening and it had that cracking effect that I love. I could feel this mask working if that makes sense. Once the mask was dry (it took 10 minutes) I washed it off with a wash cloth and warm water.

I really loved the results of this mask. I’m not sure if you can see in the photo but my face was clean, dry and smooth with no reddness. I really do feel like I had a detox treatment and I think my skin looks brighter.

Overall I love theDetox & Brighten mask and am definitely going to get the full-sized product.

Right after application, after 10 minutes, after removal.

Price: $12.99

Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask in Vanilla Apricot Review

I got a sample of the Josie Maran Whipped Mud Mask in Vanilla Apricot in my August Ipsy bag.


What’s to love?

This mask is the perfect color for Fall! It looks very orange and the smell reminds me of the St. Ives Apricot Scrub that I used when I was in my twenties and aside from looking like an Oompa Loompa I give this one a 9 out of 10.

I’d say this is a basic clay face mask that dries fairly quickly.  I left it on my face for 5 minutes and washed off with a warm wash cloth. My skin felt soft after removing but the skin around my eyes felt just a little dry. I would have liked a little more moisture in the mask. My pores did seem a little bit smaller too. I’m wondering what age group this mask is targeted for.

The masks are “formualted with 100% Pure Argan oil” and are free of Parabens, Sulfates and Phthalates which is nice.

I don’t think you can buy this mask as a single item which is interesting. It’s part of a 5-pack whipped mud mask set and I think I might like the Sweet Basil Mint better than the Apricot mask. I wish you could buy one scent at a time.


GlamGlow FlashMud Brightening Treatment Review

I’ve used the GlamGlow FlashMud Brightening Treatment about 3 times now and it does wonders for my face. I am so in love with the entire GlamGlow line.


What’s to love?

The FlashMud Brightening is a gritty white paste with little leafy bits and pieces. I rub the mask in with a circular motion then let it set for 20 minutes. It feels amazing on my face with no burning or irritation and the smell is light and fresh.

I wiped it off after 20 minutes and my face was a bit red but that subsided in a few minutes. I do feel like my face is a lot brighter after the treatment. Keep in mind that I am 46 and have some discoloration and uneveness in my skin. Afterwards I did a 3 minute make-over using Urban Decay Vice Lipstick in ZZ, Clinique CC Cream, Clinique Cheek Pop in Berry Pop and Kat Von D’s  Shade + Light Contour Quad in Rust.

The instructions say to use 2-3 days in a row then 2-3x per week. I need to invest in a larger jar to get that much use. Unfortunately GlamGlow is pricey and I try to wait for a sale to get my favorites or I buy a sample pack.


Skin Food Black Sugar Mask Review

Here’s my 3rd sample of the day! I got the Skin Food Black Sugar Mask in my August 2016 Birchbox and it was just what I needed today!


What’s to love?

My face was in desperate need of a good exfoliating today and the Skin Food Black Sugar Mask did the trick.

The mask is super grainy and smells just like fruit. I rubbed the mask into my skin and let it set for 10 minutes. The mask felt amazing on my face, very refreshing and nice. I love these rough exfoliating masks because my skin is oily and tends to look dull if I don’t  exfoliate often. I rarely get redness from masks.

I washed the mask off with a warm clothe and my skin feels smooth and tight. I really love this mask and plan on adding it into my monthly routine.

Peter Thomas Roth Rose Stem Cell Review

All I can say is…”Why didn’t I try this product sooner”? A few weeks ago I got my mom the Peter Thomas Roth 5 pack mask set at Sephora and I’ve tried the Irish Moor Mud and 24K Gold and loved them both.

So today I tired the Rose Stem Cell and I’m thrilled with the results.


What’s to love?

Peter Thomas Roth and GlamGlow are my two all time favorite masks at the moment. I use GlamGlow for deep exfoliating and Peter Thomas Roth for repair and moisturizing.

According the the PTR website the Rose Stem Cell which contains five rose plant stem cells which are Rose Commiphora, Desert Rose, Damas Rose, Pale Rose and White Rose and they are blended with four rose extracts which are Rosa Damascena, Rosa Canina, Rose Hip Seed and Rose Water. So a lot of rose going on there!

I applied to mask to my clean face. It is a gel and feels cool and smooth to the touch. It has a light floral smell that’s also fresh and clean smelling, very nice and now overpowering. I covered my entire face with a fairly thick coating and let it set for 10 minutes. I’ll have to say that during the 10 minutes my face felt amazing and moist.

I wiped it off with a cool washcloth as directed and I swear there was less product  on my face than I started with. I feel like it absorbed into my skin which was cool. Afterwards my skin looked very smooth and my pores seemed a lot smaller (and I have huge pores on my nose, cheeks and skin).

Overall I loved this mask and intend to keep using it a few times a week to calm and soothe my skin.