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Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt Demo & Review

The Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt is a classic product in the Lush Easter collection and it’s simply amazing! This Vegan Golden Wonder is loaded with Gold Luster and smells like toffee.


What’s to love?

Really this is NOTHING not to love about the Lush Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt. It smells like toffee and has Fair Trade Organic Cocoa Butter bergamot and wild orange oils. This one does an amazing job of smoothing out my Winter skin and it’s so much fun to have a gold glitter bath. The glitter sticks a little but you can easily rinse it off if you want.

I created a video demo of theLush Golden Egg Bath Bomb Melt in a black sink so you can really see the effect. It looks like the universe! So pretty.

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Too Faced Glow Job Glitter Face Mask

I feel like 2018 is the year of Glitter and Too Faced has a hot product that they can’t keep in stock. The Too Faced Glow Job Glitter Peel Off Face Mask is pink and — well glittery! It’s also back in stock right now.

Screen Shot 2018-01-08 at 3.44.52 PM.png

Image Credit: Too Faced

The pink glitter mask is infused with real gold and is supposed to exfoliate formula dull and tired skin. I love that it is a peel-off mask. The price is $42 for 1.7 oz.

I’m really thinking that I might need this one!

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Bath & Body Works Unicorn Snot Review

One of the most unique and fun new Bath & Body Works Christmas products is Unicorn Snot which I absolutely LOVE!

Unicorn Snot is a glitter gel that comes in 4 colors — pink, purple, silver & gold. I was able to pick up the pink and purple shades today.

It doesn’t really have a scent and is a lightweight clear gel with really nice glitter. I was able to rub it on my skin for a light sheen and even at 47 it looks good on me (I think). You can even wear it in your hair for a little sparkle.

These also make great gifts for teens and tweens. They are $10 but if you can find a Buy 3, Get 3 deal with 20% off they are much more reasonable. I’m going to be giving a lot of Unicorn Snot out for Christmas this year. I hope my family loves it as much as me!

Check out my Bath & Body Works Unicorn Snot Review on YouTube!

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Lush Christmas 2017 Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt Review

The Lush Star Light Star Bright Bath Melt is a glittery silver star with a colorful center. It has Murumuru Butter, Ginger Oil, Lavender Oil, Lime Oil and Almond Oil.

What’s to love?

If you love silver glitter this one will become a fast favorite. If you’re not sure about  looking like the Tin Man you might be a bit put off. This one has some serious silver glitter and it does get all over so I recommend not rubbing it near anything you don’t want covered in silver glitter!

That being said I really like this bath melt. It smells amazing and does moisturize nicely. I also happen to love silver glitter and the colorful center is a nice surprise.

One tip! I recommend getting this one in a store because if it’s delivered on a hot day you might have a puddle of silvery mush.

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Too Faced Glitter Bomb? Oh Yeah!

Just when my beauty budget was getting under control the amazing people at Too Faced have to go and release Glitter Bomb!

I may be over 40 but I’m not even close to being immune to the lure of glitter. Oh and of course there are 3 shades of purple (my favorite eyeshadow color) that is further driving my need to get my hands on this palette!

In addition to the purples you also get 5 more glitter shades including 3 pinks a blue and a gold. You also get white and black matte bases to play with.

Being ruined by my 80’s past I’m pretty sure I’ll be digging out $45 so that I can adorn my eyes in glitter. Duran Duran concert here I come!

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Ulta Holiday Shimmer & Shine 4 Piece Nail Collection Review

I was going to give this Ulta Holiday Shimmer & Shine 4 Piece Nail Collection as a sticking stuffer but it’s so pretty I decided to keep it for myself. Luckily Ulta is doing more great sales on stocking stuffers this week.


What’s to love?

I love how festive this set is. It’s perfect for Christmas or New Year’s. In this set you get 4 mini nail polishes including Hustle & Bustle (red glitter), Festive (red shimmer), Sleigh Bells (silver glitter) and Twinkling (bronze shimmer).

The nail polish is free of formaldehyde, DBP and Toulene and it’s Made in the USA.

I am wearing one coat of Festive. It’s a cranberry red polish with tiny silver pieces of glitter which gives it a nice shimmer. One coat looks so pretty.

I got this set for $2.99 on Black Friday which was a steal!



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I’m Wearing Ulta Diva Clear Glitter Nail Polish and I’m channeling the 80’s!

I’m feeling the 80’s tonight and I’m listening to Do they know it’s Christmas by Band Aid from 1984 which is quite possibly the best video every made.

I was 14 years old that Christmas and I spent the week in Los Angels, CA which was huge for this mid-west Ohio girl. My entire goal for the week was to meet Duran Duran, Boy George and Cyndi Lauper. Sadly I didn’t achieve that goal however I did mange to buy an amazing pair of suede ankle boots and clear glitter nail polish at Nordstrom.

Today I think I found the exact same shade I wore in 1984 from Ulta and it’s called Diva. It’s kind of an opaque clear with very tiny glitter and it looks really pretty…Christmasy and 80’s.


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L’Oreal Nail Color In Pop The Bubbles Review

Tomorrow I’m sitting at the kids table for Thanksgiving dinner so I thought it would be fun to wear some sparkly nail polish so I chose L’Oreal Nail Color In Pop The Bubbles.


What’s to love?

This is the first time I have tried L’Oreal nail polish and I have to say it’s really nice. One coat gave me amazingly good coverage and two coats looks like liquid blue glitter in glass. It’s so pretty and shimmery under the light I love it!

I also liked that this L’Oreal nail polish seems to have a lower odor for me and I it applies like a high-end polish like O.P.I. or Essie and at $6.99 is a really good deal.

The color is also amazing. Like a snowy blue. This would be a great color for New Year Eve too.

I really want to try some more L’Oreal nail polish colors soon.


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Holiday 2016 SinfulColors Santa Claws & Sleigh My Name Nail Polish Review

I finally found the new Holiday 2015 Sinful colors that’s I’ve been looking for at Target. I picked up Santa Claws and Sleigh My Name. These colors are both from the new Santa Bae Collection.


What’s to love?

If you love glitter and shine you’re going to love Santa Claws and Sleigh My Name which are two Limited Edition Glitter colors from Sinful Colors for 2016.

Santa Claws is fine red and sliver glitter. I used 3 coats to get my desired look. This color would also look great on top of white or silver. It’s very Christmasy.

Sleigh My Name is silver with lots of glitter and white stars. I also used 3 coats to get good coverage but I was a bit messy with my application. The glitter kept going on my skin so you might have to do some clean up afterwards.

Both shades are beautiful for all ages. My tween daughter loves the Santa Claws shade and my 73-year-old mom wants to trySleigh My Name for a Christmas party. So it’s a really a fun look for everyone.

One warning. Glitter takes a bit more effort to remove than traditional nail polish!

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Bath & Body Works Diamond Shimmer Mist Review

I’ve got another cool product for those of us who love glitter! The Bath & Body Works Diamond Shimmer Mist has got some serious shine for the holiday season and it smells really, really good.

Today I’m reviewing the Japanese Cherry Blossom scent but I also  have this in Magic In The Air.

What’s to love?

The Bath & Both Works Diamond Shimmer Mist is a fragranced body spray with glitter and comes is a huge variety of Bath & Body Works scents. Below are the ones they currently sell online.

What I love about the mist is that it works as a great perfume. I actually prefer this mist over traditionally perfumes because of the glitter.

Using the Diamond Shimmer Mist does take some practice. You have to use the right amount or you can over glitter yourself. I usually spray one or two squirts on one arm and then rub them together and then spray one squirt on my neck area. A little bit goes a long way.

Also you will smell a really strong alcohol smell at first but this quickly evaporates leaving just the fragrance and glitter. In the photo below I sprayed 5 squirts so that the glitter would show up in the photo. As you can see the sparkle is super fine and looks pretty on my skin.

This spray is perfect for parties or even casual events like dinner or a movie. I use it all the time and they make great gifts.

I do recommend trying these scents in the store if you can so you can pick the right one for you.


Diamond Shimmer Mist In Ghoulfriend For Halloween!