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How To Cut Lush Soap (and why this is a cool hack!)

I am a huge fan of the Lush glycerin soaps but one of the problems I have come across with all glycerin soaps is that they are 1) slippery and 2) they can get cloudy if they sit in water.

Here’s a picture of Lush soap that I cut up and arranged in a soap dish. It looks really pretty when you have guests over too.


I’ve found that cutting up my Lush soap not only prolongs my bar but also giving me a fresh experience every time I get a new chunk.

Here’s the process I use for cutting Lush soap.

The Back Story – Lush actually cuts their soap from a really large piece themselves so cutting really isn’t new. I would actually love to own an entire Lush soap wheel just for fun. Lush them packages up the smaller bars for sale. Each bar has a unique shape.

The Knife – I actually have a funny story about the knife I used. It’s a $199 Miyabi knife from Japan that was gifted to me by fairly famous author (I worked for him) who shall remain nameless because I’m not sure he’d be amused by me cutting up soap with his $199 gift. I chose this knife because it cuts through anything and I wanted to use a sharp knife. Ironically a butter knife works just as well because the soap is fairly soft.

The Process – As you can see below I simply just cup up each bar using the knife. It was really easy and a cute the chucks up in different shapes for variety.


The Final Product – Today I cut up Santa’s Postbox, Shooting Stars, Baked Alaska, Snow Castle, Reindeer Rock and Magic Wand.

Once I get the pieces cut up I store them in ziplock bags in a cool, dry, dark place so that they don’t stick or melt. Then when I take a shower or bath I can just grab a chunk of my favorite soap. I like this because I tend to switch off on scents quite often and I love have a fresh piece. Each piece lasts about 3-5 showers.