Bath & Body Works, PINK & Avon Hand Sanitizer Comparison & Review!

I am using more hand sanitizer than ever now and I wanted to review a few of my favorites from Bath & Body Works, PINK & Avon.

Avon Senses Silky Vanilla Antibacterial Hand Gel – This gel formula from Avon smells amazing and leaves my hands soft. I like the easy-to-squeeze bottle and the cost at $3.99 for 2.5 oz. Buy from Avon at:

Bath & Body Works PocketBacs and Spray – I am a huge fan of the Bath & Body Works PocketBacs (price $1.95 or 5 for $8) because they have the strongest scent but the bottle is a bit hard to squeeze. Right now I am a bigger fan of the spray bottles which are $5.50 for 1.8 oz and $6.50 for 3 oz.

PINK Hand Sanitizer Spray – These 3 oz hand sprays are 3 for $12 and contain 80% alcohol however they are unscented. I prefer having a scent so I uses these on solid surfaces.

Check out my full comparison and review on YouTube!

I also love this Avon Beauty Caddy to store my hand sanitizers, masks and wipes.

Victoria’s Secret PINK Hand Sanitizer Review

Recently Victoria’s Secret PINK started selling unscented hand sanitizer in a 2.5 oz spray bottle. You get 3 for $12. which makes them about $4 each.

The formula is an alcohol antiseptic 80% topical solution and I like it however I’d prefer a scented version, something Summery like coconut or fruit would be nice. I like using these at the self-check out and on carts. I also like the short bottle as it fits nicely in my pocket.

Check them out in my Victoria’s Secret PINK YouTube haul!

Avon Antibacterial Hand Gel Is Now Available Online!

Avon now has Antibacterial Hand Gel online in Silky Vanilla and Fresh Cucumber Melon. The gel comes in a 2.5 oz tube and is mild and gentle on skin. Price is $3.99 each. Shipping is FREE on $60+, no code required.

I have been using the Bath & Body Works PocketBacs (1 oz) and PINK Hand Sanitizers (2.5 oz). These are 1.5 oz larger than the Bath & Body Works PocketBacs.

Buy the. Avon Antibacterial Hand Gel online in Silky Vanilla and Fresh Cucumber Melon

The Antibacterial Hand Gel online in Fresh Cucumber Melon has a nice light scent and I love the formula! The Silky Vanilla smell amazing with a rich vanilla scent. Right now the limit on buying is 3 per order of each scent.

From Avon: Kills 99.99% of bacteria in 15 seconds


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How To Support Essential Workers From Home!

Since the stay-at-home orders went into effect I’ve been ordering a lot from Amazon, Target, Sam’s Club and of course AVON and Bath & Body Works so I get daily deliveries.

I wanted to make sure I was supporting essential workers but not leaving the house made it a bit of a challenge. I’m not talented enough to sew masks so I decided to help my deliver drivers.

Every day I set out a box that I created with a sigh that says “Mail & Delivery Drivers Please take what you need!” My box contains Avon Hand Cream and Bath & Body Works PocketBacs. I keep the box stocked everyday and my delivery drivers are very appreciative.

It’s super easy to make your own box and while I know it’s not much I feel like I am making a small contribution in this challenging time.

I’m going to continue buying new products as I can get them.

As an Avon Rep I was able to get the Avon Care Silicone Glove Protective Hand Cream Mini for $1.49 -25% but these are sold out now, I’m glad I got 30! Avon is also coming out with Nitrile Gloves, Cloth Masks and Hand Sanitizer which I’m going to be adding to the box soon! You can also join Avon for free now and get a discount as rep which helps a bit.

The Bath & Body Works PocketBacs are harder to come by. Every time I see them online I order a pack of 5 for $8. Luckily I had a nice stash saved up from vlogging.

Bath & Body Works Halloween PocketBac Haul

I love Halloween scents and I had an awesome Bath & Body Works coupon so I did a Halloween haul today. First up are the completely adorable PocketBac’s and holders.


What’s to love?

I’m a bit of a germaphobe so I always carry one of these PocketBac hand sanitizers on my purse. These little guys do wonders for sanitizing my hands and making them smell amazing. I have never had any reaction to the formula and it does not dry my hands

I got this adorable cat with a fuzzy tail holder to go with this pink Ghoul Friend which is Sweet Spooky Sugar. It’s pink with blue glitter and I like that the black lid matches the cat.


I also got..

Pumpkin Patch which is Pumpkin Pie and smells just like pumpkin it’s pretty mild too. This one also has blue glitter.

Purrfect Pumpkin which is Sweet Cinnamon Pumpkin. This one is a bit spicier and also has blue glitter.


They also have…

Vampire Blood which is Wicked Plum.

Web of Lies which is Spidery Citrus.

and a bat, ghost and pumpkin hoder.