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New Bath & Body Works Tropical Collection for Spring 2020

This week Bath & Body Works released 6 tropical fragrances (including 3 new ones) in travel sizes. Right now they have the Body Cream, Shower Gel and Fine Fragrance Mist.

It looks like Tahiti Pink Lily & Bamboo and Havana Tropical Vanilla Cherimoya are not returning in this collection.

The scents include:

WAIKIKI BEACH COCONUT (Returning) – Tropical white coconut, saltwater breezes & sun-bleached woods.

BAHAMAS PASSIONFRUIT & BANANA FLOWER (Returning) – Passionfruit, pineapple leaves & banana flower.

BALI BLACK COCONUT SANDS (Returning) – Coconut milk, sea salt musk & black sand.

BORA BORA CITRUS SURF (NEW) – Sugared lemon, dewy waterfruit & vanilla bean.

FIJI SUNSHINE GUAVA-TINI (NEW) – Sun-kissed guava, fresh orange & sea side jasmine.

TIKI BAY ISLAND MARGARITA (NEW) – Sweet mandarin, island mango & sea salt.

Also be sure to check our my Bath & Body Works Tropical Haul on YouTube!

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Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Cream Review

I picked up the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Cream in nourishing coconut milk and I’m so glad I did.

What’s to love?

The Alba  Hawaiian Body Cream is a super thick white cream that is light and fluffy.  The scent isn’t straight on coconut but a very light floral coconut scent. It has Pineapple Fruit Extract, Papaya Fruit Extract, Hibiscus Sabdariffa Flower Extract, Mango Fruit Extract and Vanilla Planifolia Fruit Extract which I think gives it the unique scent. I love the smell.

I also love how soft and non-greasy  it leaves my skin.

Alba also has…

  • 100% vegetarian ingredients
  • no artificial colors
  • no parabens or phthalates
  • no animal testing
  • no harsh sulfates

Check out the Alba Botanica Hawaiian Body Cream in my Alba haul video!

Bath & Body Works, Beauty Reviews

Bath & Body Works Tahiti Island Dream White Sand Body Scrub Review

The new Bath & Body Works Tahiti Island Dream White Sand Body Scrub is amazing and so pretty!

What’s to love?

This Hawaiian themed body scrub has Polynesian White Sand and Sea Salt to exfoliate and it’s so soft and luxurious. It leaves my skin feeling amazing.

I also love the scent of this one. It has Fresh Coconut Water, Sparkling Mandarin, Kiwi Blossom, Lush Frangipani, Tahitian Vanilla Musk and I could smell it all day. The coconut is light and I can definitely pick up the fruit scents.

The formula is also one of the prettiest I’ve seen. It’s a bright white pearlized luminescent shade with tiny black flecks and it feels very refreshing on my skin.

Tahiti Island Dream also comes in the Fine Fragrance Mist, Shower Gel, Body Lotion, Ultra Shea Body Cream and the Eau de Perfume.

I really want to pick up a few more of these before they are gone.

Bath & Body Works, Beauty Reviews

Bath & Body Works New Paradise Coconut Oil Foaming Hand Soap Review

Oh Bath & Body Works, you do this to me every time. I walked into the store to get the Oahu Coconut Sunset collection and I end up filling up my bag. Yesterday they had a wall of the Paradise Coconut Oil Foaming Hand Soap that really got my attention and I had coupons. I LOVE theBath & Body Works foaming hand soap so much and now there’s a new line with Coconut Oil and it’s amazing.


What’s to love?

Every sink in our house has the Bath & Body Works foaming hand soap. It smells amazing and does wonders on my hands as it has Aloe, Vitamin E and now Coconut Oil. I also prefer the foaming variety because it washes clean with no goopy residue. This is great for kids.

This new Coconut Oil set comes in 6 scents:

Miami Mint Mojito – This one is green and has a lime on the front. I think this is my favorite scent of the 6. I has fresh lime, juicy pear and green mint leaf.

Maui Mango Mai Tai – This one is my favorite design. It’s orange with a bird on the front and I love birds. It Mango nectar, sun-kissed grapefruit and sugarcane and while I don’t normally love mango the scents make this one so nice.

Bali Coconut Cove – This one is blue with a coconut on the front. It has fresh coconut, passion flower and coral berry. This one smells very coco-nutty to me!

Jamaica Pineapple Colada – Pineapple is one of my new favorite scents. This one is yellow and has juicy mandarin, green pineapple and vanilla milk. It’s very light and pretty.

Bermuda Plumeria Surprise – This one is pink and the most floral of the group. It’s got pink dragonfruit, orchid and plumeria.

Fuji White Sands – This is the only one I didn’t get. It’s clear and has white sand, vanilla orchid and warm amber. I did smell it and it’s very soft and beachy.

Overall I think this is my new favorite scent collection since Christmas. Also don’t forget to use your Bath & Body Works coupons with the sales for a bigger discount.

I reveal all of the Coconut Oil soaps in my video!


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Bath & Body Works Oahu Coconut Sunset Review

Bath & Body Works has a new line of Hawaii scents that includes Oahu Coconut Sunset which is actually a redo scent from a few years ago with packaging. I really love this Hawaiian coconut scent.


The top notes are Birds of Paradise, Coconut Blossom, Sparkling Bergamot. The mid notes are Seductive Tuberose, Tiger Lily, Hawaiian Monoi and the dry notes are Sensual Labdanum, Molten Amber, Cream Suede Accord.

However to me it just smells very Hawaiian! You get this scent in the Ultra Shea Body Cream, Body Lotion, Shower Gel, Fine Fragrance Mist, Aloe Gel Lotion and the Sand & Sea Salt Scrub.

I got the…

Oahu Coconut Sunset Ultra Shea Body Cream which feels amazing. This  one really does a great job of moisturizing my skin. It has Aloe Butter, Cocoa Butter and Coconut Oil in it and it’s not greasy for me.


Oahu Coconut Sunset Fine Fragrance Mist – I usually don’t like the fragrance mist products but this one is very nice. It seems lighter than the Christmas scents and the spray is a very, very fine mist. Once the spray settles is smells pretty amazing.


Oahu Coconut Sunset Sand & Sea Salt Scrub – I am so excited about the new Sand & Sea Salt Scrub. This one has Polynesian sand and real sea salt which makes for a great exfoliant and it smells amazing. It seriously feels like I’m at the beach. I love that Bath & Body works is coming out with new scrubs.


Check out the entire Bath & Body Works Hawaii line on my YouTube video. There’s also 3 more Hawaii  scents including: Fiji Pineapple Palm, Waikiki Beach Coconut and Bali Blue Surf.

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Bath & Body Works Honolulu Sun Review

I did a mini Bath & Body Works haul yesterday. They are in the midst of their semi-annual sale and my store is still waiting on the Spring line to arrive but I did manage to pick up a few newer scents. Being that I’m freezing here in Ohio I thought that Honolulu Sun would be a nice reminder that Summer is coming in a few months!


What’s to love?

Honolulu Sun is the perfect mix of beach and island coconut. It’s definitely got a strong coconut base but there are also citrus, floral and musky tones in the mix. If you like straight up creamy coconut this one might not be for you. It’s more of a tropical beachy mix which is really nice for people who love that scent.

I picked up the Body Lotion and Foaming Hand Soap in this scent. Both are blue.

Honolulu Sun Body Lotion – The Body Lotion is a a very light blue and is rich and creamy. I always use this lotion in the Winter for scent and moisture. It has Shea and Vitamin E and is Made in the USA.

Honolulu SunFoaming Hand Soap – Hands down the Bath & Body Works Foaming Soap is my absolute favorite kitchen and bath soap. I have been using the Bath & Body Works foaming soaps for years and it’s the only soap that makes my hands feel clean. Two to three pumps gives you a nice handful of foamy soap that rinses away clean. I love this soap for kids too as there’s no gooey mess to clean up.

So there you have it! A little bit of paradise scent on a glooming snowy day in the Northeast!