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e.l.f. Cosmetics Holiday Gifts

I absolutely love the e.l.f. Cosmetics Holiday Gifts. I find them to be great quality at the perfect price. Here’s a few e.l.f. gift sets on my with list.

  • 3 Piece Lip Balm Set – $3
  • 20 Piece Nail Polish Set – $20


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Wow Is Right Lush! The 2016 Lush Wow Box is amazing.

If you’re looking for the granddaddy of Lush gifts (and you have a spare $299.95) you’re going to want to check out the 2016 “Wow” Christmas box. I would faint if this showed up on my doorstep.

The box itself is so cool too. It’s a stop sign shaped 1970’s themed colorful hippie box with a big purple cord to tie it all up.


Image Credit: Lush

What’s inside this behemoth?

You get 34 products including limited edition creations and a bunch of products I’ve tried! I included a link to the ones I reviewed (I really need more Lush)!

  1. Monsters’ Ball Bath Bomb
  2. Lord of Misrule Bath Bomb
  3. Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
  4. Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb
  5. So White Bath Bomb
  6. Shoot for the Stars Bath Bomb
  7. Northern Lights Bath Bomb
  8. Mistletoe Bath Bomb
  9. Never Mind The Ballistics Bath Bomb
  10. Satsuma Bath Bomb
  11. Sparkling Red Slippers Bubble Bar
  12. Butterbear Bubble Bar
  13. The Christmas Penguin Bubble Bar
  14. Snow Fairy Shower Gel
  15. Santasaurus Bubble Bar
  16. Magic Wand Bubble Bar
  17. Elf Fun
  18. Snow Fairy Fun
  19. Mr. Sandman Dusting Powder
  20. Bubbly Shower Gel
  21. Rose Jam Shower Gel
  22. Snow Fairy Body Lotion
  23. Christingle Body Conditioner
  24. Sleepy Body Lotion
  25. Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly
  26. Sugar Plum Fairy Lip Scrub
  27. Snow Angel Luxury Bath Oil
  28. Baked Alaska Soap
  29. Magic Wand Soap
  30. Snowcastle Soap
  31. Igloo Soap
  32. Santa’s Postbox Soap
  33. Shooting Stars Soap
  34. Candy Candy Shower Smoothie

All I have to say is WOW..really!

Also be sure to check out my Lush 2017 Easter haul!

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Skittles Lip Smackers. Bring on the fruit!

The 10-year-old kid in me is all over these holiday Skittles Lip Smackers. When I was young my mom always got me the huge Bonne Belle Lip Gloss in my stocking and I loved it so I try to load up my kids stocking with something similar.


What’s to love?

Lip Smackers are Made in the USA and the Skittles variety smells amazing. It’s like having fruit in your pocket, or in this case a cute holiday tin that you can use after the lip gloss is gone. You get 4 lip balms in this set in Grape, Lemon, Green Apple and Strawberry.

The Lip Smacker Brand always leaves my lips so smooth and tasty and I think these are great for people of all ages. They are nostalgic and cute and I just love them.

They also had a tin of the Coca-Cola flavors which I may have to go back and get!

This set came from Target and was $5.99.

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Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Liplicious Lipgloss Review

It’s cold and snowy here in Ohio and I’m breaking out the lip protecters! A few weeks ago I picked up the Bath & Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel Liplicious Lipgloss.


What’s to love?

This creamy lipgloss smells just like the Bath and Body Works Vanilla Bean Noel line and it tastes like a minty vanilla sugar. It does have saccharine as an ingredient which I’m not thrilled about but I’d found that most lip glosses use it. I wish they’d just use real sugar.

The formula itself is nice. It’s a clear white with silver sparkles that gave my lips a great shine and shimmer. I use this one pretty sparingly though as it gets sticky if you use too much. I apply a little then blend and blot for the perfect application.

Overall I like the look and taste of this lip gloss but I think I prefer the minty ones. The  C.O. Bigelow – Spearmint Supreme 2X Lip Shine – No. 5 that’s sold at Bath & Body Works is really nice too.

unnamed (1).jpg

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Ulta Holiday Shimmer & Shine 4 Piece Nail Collection Review

I was going to give this Ulta Holiday Shimmer & Shine 4 Piece Nail Collection as a sticking stuffer but it’s so pretty I decided to keep it for myself. Luckily Ulta is doing more great sales on stocking stuffers this week.


What’s to love?

I love how festive this set is. It’s perfect for Christmas or New Year’s. In this set you get 4 mini nail polishes including Hustle & Bustle (red glitter), Festive (red shimmer), Sleigh Bells (silver glitter) and Twinkling (bronze shimmer).

The nail polish is free of formaldehyde, DBP and Toulene and it’s Made in the USA.

I am wearing one coat of Festive. It’s a cranberry red polish with tiny silver pieces of glitter which gives it a nice shimmer. One coat looks so pretty.

I got this set for $2.99 on Black Friday which was a steal!



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L’Oreal Nail Color In Pop The Bubbles Review

Tomorrow I’m sitting at the kids table for Thanksgiving dinner so I thought it would be fun to wear some sparkly nail polish so I chose L’Oreal Nail Color In Pop The Bubbles.


What’s to love?

This is the first time I have tried L’Oreal nail polish and I have to say it’s really nice. One coat gave me amazingly good coverage and two coats looks like liquid blue glitter in glass. It’s so pretty and shimmery under the light I love it!

I also liked that this L’Oreal nail polish seems to have a lower odor for me and I it applies like a high-end polish like O.P.I. or Essie and at $6.99 is a really good deal.

The color is also amazing. Like a snowy blue. This would be a great color for New Year Eve too.

I really want to try some more L’Oreal nail polish colors soon.


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New Bath & Body Works Decorative Hand Soaps

I thought I was done with Bath & Body Works this season but then they cam out with the new Decorative Hand Soaps! Seriously? More great stuff from B&BW?

These soaps are so cute and I just tried one at a friends house. They come in Vanilla Bean Noel, Winter Candy Apple, French Lavender and Sparkling Alpine Woods, Snowflakes & Lemons and Winter Wonderland.

Image Credit: Bath & Body Works

The new formula has Luxurious shea butter & moisturizing olive oil and is nice and smooth and I just love the shape and style of the bottle. These would look great in a guest bath or kitchen.

So I may be venturing out on Black Friday to Bath & Body Works with a handful of coupons! Wish me luck.

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I’ve got turkey guts in my hair, welcome to my world

Ah the joys of Thanksgiving.

Today my mom and I decided to be proactive and cook the turkey to get some of the work out of the way. OK, let me rephrase that…my mom decided to cook the turkey to get some of the work out of the way. My big game cooking skills are wobbly at best so mom to the rescue, that’s the advantage of having your mom live with you. Sandwich generation win!

So I was the designated helper. Unfortunately our Fresh Young Turkey (that should be a band) was a bit on the frozen side so we couldn’t yank the guts bag out without an ice pick. So after 20 minutes in the oven we tried again. That sucker was stuck. By then I was determined to get the bugger out and did a huge yank. That worked. I also succeeded in spraying turkey guts all over my head. Here’s how it went down.

ME: AGGGGGHHHHH! I am covered in turkey guts.

MOM: Can you hand me the bag with the remaining guts?

ME: I. Am. Covered. In. Turkey. Guts.

MOM: Yeah, so can you hand me that pan?

KID: Mom, you’re covered in turkey guts.

HUSBAND: Gross…you’re covered in turkey guts.

THE DOG: My guess is she was thinking. “Cool, you’re covered in turkey guts”.

ME: *leaves room to decontaminate.

So there you have it.

Word to the wise, don’t yank on the turkey guts bag without protection.