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Grown Men Will Love The Hot Wheels Car Maker

On a whim I got my husband and the kid a Hot Wheels Car Maker for Christmas and it has sat gathering dust until tonight. Snow and boredom caused the husband and the kid to try it out…

…and Whoa! This thing is pretty darn cool. I was worried it might be some sort of use once and trash (or fall apart) toy but this is like an Easy Bake Oven for boys and men.

First off it’s really well constructed and it talks. My husband put the car in wrong and it kept saying in a very cool computer voice “The mold is in wrong”. I though it would be hysterical if it said stuff like “Dumb ass, you’re doing it wrong” or “Duh, you suck”. I am so juvenile.

So once you get the mold in correctly the machine blinks and beeps while it makes the car. The finished product is awesome. They made a cool purple car with sparkles and it really works on Hot Wheels race tracks. The car is not cheap or sticky or stinky. It’s just plain cool.

So the people at Hot Wheel get an A+ for the machine, the only problem is that you get 3 chaises with the machine and I can’t find any more at a decent price. I could only fine 2 for $19.99. That’s really high.

So good machine, bad replacement parts.

The good news is that the grown man in your life will love this thing.