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SinfulColors Ice Blue Nail Polish Review

Happy Halloween All!

Today I decided to paint my nails in SinfulColors Ice Blue for Halloween. I wanted a spooky shimmery blue to hand out Halloween candy and while this color wasn’t exactly want I expected I ended up loving it.


What’s to love?

I expected Ice Blue to be much darker, however it almost looked like a clear polish with blue glitter for coat number one. I actually had to apply 3 coats to get this amazing shimmery look.

The color of Ice Blue is completely multi-dimensional. It’s a shimmer/glitter shade that’s a mix of blue, sliver and lavender and it shines like glass. The glitter is so tiny that it looks like snow. I’m actually feeling a bit like Elsa from Frozen or a snow zombie. Either works for Halloween!

I’m a little bit nervous that this shade will be hard to remove as glitter sometimes is but that’s OK, it was worth it for the magically fun blue nails for tonight.

This shade would also work great for Christmas too! Snow glitter fairy!