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Urban Decay Has a New Jewel Tone Palette Called Afterdark

I really want the the new Urban Decay Afterdark Palette but I’m a little short on Christmas funds to get it as a pre-sale today from the Sephora app! It’s supposed to be online December 20th and  in stores on January 27th. I got a picture at Sephora today!


Afterdark is a limited-edition 10 shade jewel tone palette with some really pretty colors. The shades are:

  1. Alter: Light Gold
  2. Scene: Light Pink
  3. Supersonic: Dark Copper Red
  4. Sinful: Dark Gold
  5. Off Duty: Brown
  6. Druggie: Violet
  7. Backfire: Plum
  8. Lounge: This one has a brown base with a greenish-blue jewel tone.
  9. Fringe: Teal
  10. Paralyzed: Deep Blue

I really like the looks of the purples and Lounge. I love the dual tone of this one. So fingers crossed I can get this one after the Holidays!

Has anyone tried it yet?