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JK Rowling Owns Me

The funny thing about Harry Potter is that prior to September 1st of this year I quite simply had no clue as to what the hype was about. I was either too old or had a kid that was too young for Harry Potter to be on my radar. I always thought the Harry Potter kid was some weird wizard version of Cousin Oliver. Uh, yeah I was clearly wrong.

Sept. 1st

We had already gone through every kids movie on the planet (try watching Frozen for the 57th time) when I reluctantly pressed the button on Amazon Instant Video for Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stone. I was expecting a dopey movie about trains and wizards, by the end I was hooked to the wall watching Alan Rickman making potions in the basement.

Oh and the kid liked it too.

Sept. 2nd to Sept 15th

Over the next 2 weeks we immersed ourselves in Hogwarts by watching the rest of the Harry Potter movies. My kid gave up after the Chamber of Secrets. Not me, I plowed on to the bitter end of the war and emerged a changed woman.

Sept 16th

I started reading the Harry Potter series on Sept. 16th. Showering, eating and sleeping came in second place to reading Harry Potter. By the time I started the Order of the Phoenix my family kinda gave up on me. They knew the light at the end of the tunnel was my finishing the last book, or so they thought.

Late October

My Harry Potter withdrawal has been harsh. My friends groan when I mention Alan Rickman updates and tune me out when I babble about conspiracy theories and plot lines. Was Ron really Dumbledore? Why didn’t Hermione use the time turner to bring back Sirius Black (who by the way was my least favorite character)? Was Draco a werewolf?

Present day

My new friend is Pottermore which I diligently check every day and I’ve now taken to collecting cans to fund our family trip to Leavesden in 2021.

Yep, JK Rowling owns me now.