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Bath & Body Works Tutti Dolci Sweet Lemon Buttercup Review

I am a huge fan of the Bath & Body Works Tutti Dolci line and it’s now part of the June Semi-Annual Sale. After using these scents for a few months I think that the Sweet Lemon Buttercup is on top as a favorite.

Sweet Lemon Buttercup contains Juicy Mandarin, Sweet Lemon and Sparkling Lime Blossom and it smells really sweet and nice, it kind of reminds me of a Meyer lemon.


The Tutti Dolci Sweet Lemon Buttercup line products include the Body Cream, Shower Gel, Fine Fragrance Mist, Lip Balm and the Creamy Body Wash but only two products remain online but my store has more. I heard a rumor that this line is being discontinued so I wanted to stock up!

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Organic Surge Daily Care Perfecting Face Polish Review

I received the Organic Surge Daily Care Perfecting Face Polish and wow is it fresh and beautiful.

What’s to love?

Organic Surge products are free from parabens, sodium lauryl sulphate, artificial fragrances or colourants and genetically modified ingredients.

The Face Polish has rosemary and lemon oils, chamomile, ginkgo and almond oil. This formula smells so amazing and fresh. To use I rubbed it into my face for about 30 seconds (it has a gentle grit) and rinsed.

My face felt so fresh and hydrated when I was done and it left my skin very smooth and clean. The lemon scent also lingered which was so nice.

I would definitely buy this product again and try more from the Organic Surge line. Their Deep Cleansing Face Mask looks amazing.

This is why I love the beauty boxes too, I get to try brands I have never heard of before.

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Gilchrist & Soames BeeKind Body Lotion Review

I have been a fan of the London based Gilchrist & Soames since the 80’s but haven’t picked anything up from them lately so I was thrilled to get the BeeKind Body Lotion in my April Glossybox. I also got the shower gel too.


What’s to love?

First up Gilchrist & Soames products contain no products parabens, phthalates, petrol-derived ingredients, mineral oil, urea, DEA, TEA, DMDM hydantoin, or propylene glycol.

But I love this body lotion because it smells like limes! It actually has Fresh lemon verbena but to me it smells limey. They formula is amazing too. It’s non greasy and it absorbs quickly while leaving behind the amazing citrus scent. I could really smell this stuff all day!

I also have fond memories of getting Gilchrist & Soames when I was a teenager. For some reason it reminds me of Duran Duran…go figure! I probably picked up some of their soap with my girlfriends and Duran Duran was playing at the mall. It’s just one of those brands I get nostalgic for. Oh and that green bee is so cool too.

Also check out my Glossybox video with the BeeKind Lotion and Shower Gel.

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Lush Easter Chocolate Easter Egg Soap Review

I just love the Lush Easter Chocolate Easter Egg Soap for an Easter gift. It’s so pretty and smells amazing!

 What’s to love?

The title of this the Chocolate Easter Egg Soap is a bit confusing at first because when you hear chocolate you’re probably thinking about the cocoa chocolate variety although it is made with cocoa butter.

The Chocolate Easter Egg Soap actually smells like lemon sherbet to me and has coconut oil, grapefruit oil and lemon oil. The scent is definitely sweet and on the soft side.

The bar itself is yellow with a pink and green flower in the center. It’s very cute and reminds me of a retro Easter pattern.

It’s got nice soft suds and my hands felt smooth and soft after using this one.

Price: $5.95

Also be sure to check out my Lush 2017 Easter Haul on YouTube!



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Lush Igloo Soap Review

I’ve got a few more treats from the Lush Boxing Day Sale to share including this Igloo Soap which is actually much different than I expected.

Below is the big Igloo that the Lush stores cut pieces off of. You can get a red, orange green or yellow square piece of soap that dusted in sodium bicarbonate.


Image Credit: Lush

I ordered my Igloo Soap online from Lush North America and got a piece that looks like an actual igloo which I though was really cool.

My yellow piece of soap does have a cool green iridescent shimmer to it too. The scent is pure citrus with a hit of floral from the White Rose Petal Infusion and it smells amazing.

The photo on the left has the sodium bicarbonate coating and the photo on the right is of the soap wet. It has great lather too!

Citrus Alert! In comparing Igloo and Shooting Stars I’d say that Shooting Stars is more of a pure citrusy lemon scent which Igloo definitely has more or a floral undertone. They are both amazing but I just wanted to point out the differences. Also there is no glitter in Igloo.

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Lush Shooting Stars Soap Review

I got the second part of my Lush Boxer Day Sale haul and it had two bars of Shooting Stars Soap which is a glittery lemon delight!


What’s to love?

Shooting Stars is pure lemon, line and orange which I love. I am a huge fan of citrus soap so I stocked up on this one. My favorite piece of the three bars I got is this one because it has fours colors and lots of gold glitter.

If you happen to see a whole Shooting Stars soap (see below) you’ll see that it’s a bunch of stars surrounding one huge yellow shooting star with a tail. Lush then cuts this huge bar up into small pieces to sell. The advantage of going to the store is that you can pick your on piece, however I do like the surprise I get when ordering online.


Image Credit: Lush

Two of my bars are from the yellow star and this one has some of the smaller stars. I love all three! I get wonderful citrusy suds from this bar and then scent lasts after I leave the shower which I love.

Luckily Lush just restocked their sale items so you can get it on their site!

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Lush Sandstone Soap Review

The Lush Sandstone Soap is unique in that it’s not the prettiest of the Lush soaps but it sure makes up for it in scent.

What’s to love?

I got this sample piece of Sandstone a couple of weeks ago and just tried it out. While the color is kind of a dull brown it does remind me of a sandy beach. However the scent is amazing! It’s pure citrus with the featured ingredient being Coriander Oil.

This soap is not super bubbly but the lather is nice and smooth.

It’s also got some serious exfoliating power because it’s got sand in it. I really enjoyed using this soap and my skin felt amazing afterwards. I love the rough texture and the citrus scent so much. This one is definitely on my list for my next order.

The one thing I love about Lush Soaps is that I always find a new favorite. I have about 10 now that I like to rotate though and of course Lush is always coming out with new ones to tempt me.

One note too. I find that the Lush Soaps last me a good long while. I feel like I am getting my money’s worth out of a 3.5 oz. bar. They only thing you have to be careful about is that these glycerine bases soaps are super slippery.

Price: $7.97 for 3.5 oz.

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Lush Refresher Shower Jelly Review

Last month I tried the 93,000 Miles Shower Jelly but it wasn’t my cup of tea. However I didn’t give up on the Shower Jelly line and found one that I absolutely love! Refresher is awesome!


What’s to love?

I immediately loved the scent of the Refresher Shower Jelly. It smells like lemon with a twist. It’s also got Rosewood Oil and Organic Lemon Myrtle Oil which softens the lemon scent and creates a beautiful aroma. The lather was also amazing and made for a really fresh shower experience (hence the name…Refresher).

Once you find a Lush Shower Jelly that you like the rest is just fun. I finally figured out that washing with the entire product works the best. Just keep a fairly tight grip on it. Better yet pop it into the fridge or freezer to cool off on a hot day.

I’ve also read that people use a loofah with the Shower Jelly for optimal performance (sounds like I’m tuning a car!)

Below is the Refresher container and if you’re new to Lush I wanted to show you the sticker. All Lush products have a personalized sticker of who made your product with the “made” date and “expiration” date. As you can see my  Refresher was made on July 18th, 2016 which is pretty cool (and fresh). I just love saying “Fresh” today.

Next up I’d like to try the green Needles and Pines for the holidays.


Lush Dragon Egg Bath Bomb Review


Today I tested out the Lush Dragon Egg Bomb and it’s pretty amazing. This bomb is white with flecks of pink and yellow that are rice paper.

I filled the bath tub with warm water and dropped the Dragon Egg into the water. For some reason I keep thinking about Harry Potter when I handle Dragon Eggs! Upon dropping said egg into the bath tub it immediately started fizzing and popping (not a lot of color yet).




After about 2 minutes of white fizz the color started coming out from the center of the egg. The “Dragon” is orange or gold, it was hard to tell because while the initial color is bright orange the water was turing a nice gold color. The fragrance is definitely citrus and smells amazing. It’s not a weird fake smell but what you might imagine a lemon grove smells like which is awesome!


I can see why Lush calls this bomb an egg, as the bomb dissolves it breaks in half (kind of like an egg yolk) and the remaining pieces look like a shell.

I only dipped my feet in this bomb but the water made my feet and legs extremely soft. Because of the citrus smell I would recommend this for a morning bath because the fragrance will wake you up and keep you smelling wonderful all day.