Clinique Almost Lipstick Review

I got the Clinique Almost Lipstick in one of my beauty boxes and it’s a really unique product that creates a shade based on your lips.

What’s to love?

I had never heard of the Almost Lipstick before I got my sample. it comes in just two shade…Pink Honey and Dark Honey and they both have a sheer finish

They theory is that the “Transparent pigment merges with the unique, natural tone of your lips to create something wonderful“. I really love the color it created on my lips. It’s a dark raisiny pink shade. It feels like a lipstick/lip balm hybrid and it’s very moisturizing on my lips. It’s lighter and more transparent than lipstick and but darker than lip balm. I feel like it could use a lip liner too.


The full-sized product comes in a beautiful sleek thin silver tube that’s a twists up and it has zero scent. I feel like this is a great daily wear or casual lip product. It’s not super long lasting though. I had to reapply after eating which I didn’t mind.

Overall I’m impressed and would like to the the Pink Honey shade.

Full-Sized Price: $17

Maybelline Baby Lips Glow Balm Review

I am a huge fan of Maybelline Baby Lips so when I saw this new Baby Lips Glow Balm I was all over it! This pink lip balm is supposed to adapt to your lips to create a personal pink shade.


What’s to love?

The new Baby Lips Glow Balm looks like the standard Baby Lips packaging only in pink and silver. The color of the product is an opaque pink that smells like vanilla sugar and is very nice.

I found the hydration to be really good and it felt nice and light weight on my lips, I didn’t think it was sticky at all. It feels very buttery and soft.

As for the color? It turned my lips a nice light pink  with a hit of mauve. It also gave me a semi-gloss finish and I thought it looked really nice. I would definitely wear Baby Lips Glow Balm for Winter dryness and a hint of color. I think this is a great product.

One interesting note is that the back of the package says “For Adult Use Only” and I’m not sure what that means. My guess is that they want people to know it’s not for babies being that it’s called “Baby Lips”. Go figure.

Price: $4.49

The New Clinique Crayola Chubby Stick Crayon Box Is Adorable!

I think I need to get my hands on the new limited-edition Clinique Crayola Chubby Stick Crayon Box. This adorable “crayon” box is inspired by Crayola and features 8 Chubby Sticks which I love. I have the Woppin’ Watermelon and Super Strawberry Sticks.

In the 8-Pack you get Brick Red, Wild Strawberry, Mango Tango, Melon, Mauvelous, Pink Sherbert, Fuzzy Wuzzy and Red Violet for $49.50

In the 4-Pack you get Fuzzy Wuzzy, Melon, Mauvelous and Brick Red for $25.00

Or you can buy can buy them individually in Wild Strawberry, Melon, Razzmatazz, Mauvelous, Mango Tango, Pink Sherbert and Tickle Me Pink for $17 each.


Image Credit: Clinique

Clinique is one of my all-time favorite brands and my Woppin’ Watermelon and Super Strawberry Sticks are part of the Moisturizing Lip Colour Balm line and I love them. These Chubby Sticks provide amazing color, moisture and shine. They are also great for my purse or travel.

I love how creative Clinique got with the Crayola boxes and my biggest challenge is which box to buy!  I’m leaning toward the 4-Pack.

Revlon Kiss Lip Balm In Juicy Peach Review

Another cool product I got in my January Target Beauty Box is the Revlon Kiss Lip Balm In Juicy Peach. My daughter and I flipped a coin to see who got this and she won so I’m going to run out and buy the Sweet Cherry flavor tomorrow!

What’s to love?

This brand new lip balm from Revlon is coming out just in time for Spring. It’s got SPF of 20 and has natural fruit oils. The texture is so smooth too, it glided over my lips and left them feeling soft without being greasy or sticky.

This juicy lip balm packed a huge punch for my nose (in a good way) too! It is so fragrant it reminds me a bit of the Bonne Bell version I used as a kid. The one I got is Juicy Peach and it smells exactly like fresh peaches. You can also get Tropical Coconut, Fresh Strawberry, Sweet Cherry, Crisp Apple and Berry Burst.

I don’t think this is a tinted lip balm, just scented.  It gave my lips a very nice semi-matte shine but had no color.

I want to stock up on a few for Summer!

Price: $4.99

C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve Review

I picked up 3 tins of the C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve Tins today at Bath & Body Works. They were Buy 2, Get 1 Free.


What’s to love?

When get dry and cracked fingers from the cold weather my go-to solution is the C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve. There’s nothing worse than trying to do dishes with cracked fingers so I try to heal these cuts as soon as possible.

The C.O. Bigelow Rose Salve is a miracle for cracked skin. It’s the consistency of Vaseline but with a rose tint and scent. You can use it on your lips, fingers, elbows, feet…really anywhere you have dry and cracked skin.

It’s thick when you rub it on so I try to blend it into my skin. I do feel like my skin is softer after using it and my cracked skin usually heals more quickly when I use it. I’m usually not a floral fan but this scent doesn’t bother me although I would prefer a peppermint scent.

The tin is cute too, it looks like something Laura Ingalls would have on Little House on thePrairie!

Now if only I could move to Hawaii!

The salve contains Petrolatum, Lanolin Oil, Squalene, Flavor (Aroma), Octyldodecanol, Gossypium Herbaceum (Cotton) Seed Oil, Rosa Canina Fruit Extract, Bisabolol, Jojoba Esters, Red 30 Lake (CI73360) and is Made in the USA and it is Not Tested On Animals.

Price: $5.50

ChapStick Total Hydration Review

Back in October I reviewd the ChapStick Total Hydration Moisture +Tint and loved it so today I picked up the ChapStick Total Hydration without the tint in Cooling Peppermint and my lips are so happy!


What’s to love?

Now that Winter is hear I’m obsessed with lip protection! I feel like the ChapStick Total Hydration is kind of the Web 2.0 of lip balms.

The ChapStick Total Hydration formula is a 3 in 1 and it’s supposed to moisturize, renew and transform chapped lips and I’d say it wins on all three. I’ve been using the Cooling Mint scent for a few days and it feels amazing on my lips. It’s smooth, light and does not leave my lips sticky (I hate that feeling).

I also love the scent too, it’s a barely there creamy mint and there’s no tingle (for those of you who are not a fan of that sensation).

You can also get this formula is Coconut Hydration, Wild Acai Berry, Soothing Oasis and Sweet Peach. These scents have zero tint so I also picked one up for my husband and daughter.

Price: $2.99

Skittles Lip Smackers. Bring on the fruit!

The 10-year-old kid in me is all over these holiday Skittles Lip Smackers. When I was young my mom always got me the huge Bonne Belle Lip Gloss in my stocking and I loved it so I try to load up my kids stocking with something similar.


What’s to love?

Lip Smackers are Made in the USA and the Skittles variety smells amazing. It’s like having fruit in your pocket, or in this case a cute holiday tin that you can use after the lip gloss is gone. You get 4 lip balms in this set in Grape, Lemon, Green Apple and Strawberry.

The Lip Smacker Brand always leaves my lips so smooth and tasty and I think these are great for people of all ages. They are nostalgic and cute and I just love them.

They also had a tin of the Coca-Cola flavors which I may have to go back and get!

This set came from Target and was $5.99.

Burt’s Bees Hive Favorites Holiday Gift Set Beeswax 2 Piece Set

I love giving Burt’s Bees for Christmas because everyone love it so much! I picked up this Burt’s Bees Hive Favorites Holiday Gift Set Beeswax 2 pc from Target for $4.99 for my MIL.


What’s to love?

I am a huge fan of the Burt’s Bees Pomegranate Lip Balm, it smells amazing and always keeps my lips so soft.

You also get a Milk & Honey Body Lotion for normal to dry skin. This lotion is very nice and always leaves my hands smooth and moisturized.

I also love the red and gold holiday packaging. These make great little gifts and stocking stuffers.

I also picked up the Burt’s Bees Skin Essentials Tin Holiday Gift Set 5 pc for $5.99.




Hershey’s Dye Free Flavored Lip Balm Set Review

I’m on the hunt for stocking stuffers this week and found this super cute Hershey’s Dye Free Flavored Lip Balm Set for $5.99 at Target online.


What’s to love?

This set dye free set has 7 candy flavors including Hershey’s Chocolate, Bubble Yum Gum, Twizzlers, Reese’s, Green Apple Jolly Rancher, Ice Breaker’s Cool Mint and Hershey’s Chocolate Kisses and it’s super cute. I love the packaging and the flavors, they remind me of my childhood. I was a huge fan of Bonne Belle back in the 70’s and 80’s.

What’s not so good.

The lip balms are Made in China however one of the ingredients is Saccharin which makes the product sweet. I had no idea many brands of lip balms used Saccharin and I’m not crazy about that. I’m still trying to decide if I’m going to keep this set.

Vaseline Holiday Winter Lip Tin Review

I braved the grocery store this morning (in the snow) for some last minute Thanksgiving items and found a giant Vaseline Holiday Winter Lip Tin 3 Pack! How cool is this? It’s got a neat sweater design on the front and comes in blue and red. I got the blue one.


What’s to love?

I actually picked up the Rosy Lips variety back in August and am still loving this product.

I am also a sucker for holiday packaged products and this giant Vaseline tin is just so cute. I’m going to use it as a family stocking stuffer (everyone can have a some tin), then I’m going to snatch back the large tin for coins or buttons or something.

You can never have enough Vaseline lip therapy in the cold weather!

PS – Yes, we put up the tree today!


Price: $9.99