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Lush Holiday 2016 Candy Mountain Bubble Bar Review

If you’re looking for the most over-the-top Willy Wonka inspired holiday soap this season than you’re going to want to pick up the Lush Candy Mountain Bubble Bar. This thing is amazing!


What’s to love?

Candy Mountain is a beautiful mix of white, pink and glitter and you can use the Lush Bubble Bars as soap, bubble bath or shampoo. Kids go nuts over the candy scent which you can smell across the room. I actually love the scent too. Sitting in a pile of candy bubbles does a world of good for everyone…I think! 

The Lush Bubble Bars also leaves my skin smooth, moisturized and a bit sparkly which is OK with me.

The size of this bubble bar is a bit larger than the Peeping Santa. It’s taller but looks like almost the same amount of product. It might be a tiny bit bigger. For some reason I was thinking it would be huge like Brightside. It would be fun to see a super-sized version of Candy Mountain!

Price: $7.45


Lush Pink Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar Review

I am seeing Christmas everywhere which is kind of cool and one of the things I love most are the Lush Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bars. This pink one is so cute and magical!


What’s to love?

This pink star is covered in silver glitter and shimmer and it smells just like sugar or bubble gum or cotton candy or a combination of all three! If you like sugary scents this one is for you. It also reminds me of unicorns! These make great stocking stuffers for both kids and adults.

The Magic Wand Reusable Bubble Bar can be cut into pieces to produce a mound of pink bubbles. Mine did pretty good job in the bubbling department and the water turns a nice shade of pink.

My only issue with this one is the stick. The wooden popsicle-style stick feels a bit flimsy compared to the cinnamon stick on the Magic of Christmas wand which feels super sturdy but other than that I give this wand an A+.

Price: $8.95


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Lush The Magic Of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar Review

Yes, I know it’s not yet Halloween but The Magic Of Christmas Reusable Bubble Bar star smells just like Christmas!


What’s to love?

I picked up a few of these Lush wands as stocking stuffers this year because they remind me of an old fashioned Christmas in both smell and style. The mixture or orange, almond and cinnamon is so amazing. I also love the star design with the cinnamon stick “wand” with the red bow and bell. Very Harry Potter like!

You run the star wand under a stream of water to get bubbles and fragrance. The water also turns a cool shade of glittery orange. I found the bubbles to be good and get 2-3 uses out of these Reusable Bubble Bars. I suppose you could cut this one up but I prefer to run it under water for the effect.

I also love using these as a fragrant bathroom decor. Everyone compliments me on how they look and smell. Bottom line is that I love everything about these sticks!


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Lush Peeping Santa Bubble Bar Review

Here’s another great find from the Lush Christmas collection! The Peeping Santa Bubble Bar is super cute and smells wonderful.


What’s to love?

The Lush Christmas Bubble Bars have got me in super bath mode. The Peeping Santa bar is bigger than I expected and quite hefty. He fills my hand up pretty good although mine looks a little sad.

The good news is that this cocoa butter bubble bar smells amazing too. To me it smells like a combo of strawberry and candy. I cut poor Santa up into 5 pieces which works pretty well. The Dairy-Free Chocolate Drop “eyes” are also great fun for kids to play with among the bubbles.

This one is a nice bubbler and great fun for both kids and adults and they make great stocking stuffers. I heard first hand from my daughter that the tween crowd LOVES Lush.


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Lush Sparkly Pumpkin Halloween Bubble Bar Review

This classic Lush Halloween favorite is new to me and I’m so glad I got my hands on the Sparkly Pumpkin Halloween Bubble Bar.


What’s to love?

This sucker is loaded with Fall scents and glitter which makes it a favorite in our house. The Sparkly Pumpkin Bubble Bar is bright orange with a coating of gold glitter and it even has a cute brown cinnamon stick stem.

The scent comes from juniper berry, lime and grapefruit oils and we got some nice bubbles and sparkly orange water. I can’t say it smells like pumpkin, but it does have a spicy Halloween essence. This bubble bar is perfect for Fall and Halloween.

I want to get a few more to display in my bathroom too. The bar gives off a strong scent just sitting on a soap dish so my whole bathroom smells amazing.

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Lush Big Bang Bubble Bar Review

The Lush Big Bang Bubble Bar is just amazing. Ironically I just watched the The Big Bang episode of Doctor Who last night!


What’s to love?

Big Bang is a delightful mix of grapefruit and lemon myrtle oil which makes it smell amazing. The design is so cute too. It’s a pink star embedded in a starry blue base with yellow stars.

This one also has cocoa butter and corn starch which made my skin feel amazingly soft. There’s not quite as many bubble as Brightside gave me but that might be because of the cocoa butter.

Another thing I wanted to note is that this bar is thick. I cut mine with a butter knife and get about 5-7 uses out of one bar.


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Lush Sunny Side Bubble Bar Review

I am so excited about the Lush Sunny Side Bubble Bar. This gold glittery citrus bar shines like the sun!



What’s to love?

As many of you know I love many of the Lush Bubble Bars but it’s the first time I tried Sunny Side which is a lemony-orange delight.

This bar is actually huge, just a little bit smaller than The Comforter only tear shaped. The outside of the bar is glittery gold and is just beautiful.

I use a butter knife to cut off a chunk for the bath. This one makes a ton of bubbles and the glitter makes the tub sparkle although clean up is easy.

My skin also feels amazing after using this one and the kids love it!


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Lush “The Comforter” Bubble Bar Review

In honor of the Fourth of July I bring you “The Comforter” Bubble Bar from Lush. I wanted to review something fun and festive today (this kind of reminds me of fireworks)!


What’s to love about this Bubble Bar?

Lush Bubble Bars are a household favorite for us. These bars are truly an experience. The bar itself is hard (like clay) and I usually break off a piece for bath time. When you break it there is some crumble but just scoop those up and throw them in the tub.

“The Comforter” is one of my favorite smells. It’s a fruity combination of blackcurrant and citrus. Run a piece under the faucet for some serious bubble action. The Bubble Bar will also turn the tub water a light shade of pink  We always have soft skin after using these little wonders and the bathroom will smell amazing for a good while.

I tend to like the fruity bars more than floral but do try a few to figure out what your favorite is.

Have a Happy Independence Day and wash that holiday dirt off with a Bubble Bar for maximum clean!