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LUSH Boxing Day Sale 2020 News & Tips

The LUSH Boxing Day sale has officially been announced on the Lush USA web site and it’s going to be in-store and online for 2020 and starts on Boxing Day which is December 26th, 2020.

I am going to be shopping online this year! Some of the best deals are the Christmas gift boxes, Christmas Bubble Bars and the Body Sprays!

Lush Boxing Day Sale FAQ

The online sale starts at 6am PST / 9am EST.

Look for the LUSH items with the ‘50% off’ tag online or in-store and get ready to stock up!

Each order is limited to 60 items total and you cannot purchase more than 20 units of the same item per order.

Check out more tips on my LUSH Boxing Day Sale 2020 video!

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Lush Magic Wand Bubble Bar for Christmas 2018

One of my favorite Lush Christmas products is the Magic Wand Bubble Bar. The scent is cotton candy or Snow Fairy and it’s so sweet and wonderful! It’s pink with a sliver glitter finish.


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Lush Snowflake Bubble Spinner Demo Christmas 2018

The Lush Snowflake Bubble Spinner for Christmas 2018 reminds me a Winter!


What’s to love?

The Lush Snowflake Bubble Spinner has orange, lemon and a slight bit of patchouli to give it some holiday spice. The Snowflake Spinner creates a nice fluffy pile of bubbles when it runs under the facet. You can hold the spinner by the wooden peg to make it twirl! This one a tiny bit of glitter too.

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The 2018 Lush Wow Box Is Amazing

The Lush Wow Box is the ultimate Lush gift! If you’re a Lush fanatic like me then the Wow gift box is probably on your Christmas wish list. The 2018 Lush Wow Box has 46 products and costs. $389.95. I have reviewed many of the products in this box so you can see what you’re getting.

Image Credit: Lush

Here’s what’s in the 2018 Lush Wow Box.

  • Luxury Lush Pud Bath Bomb
  • Satsuma Soap
  • Strawberry Santa Soap
  • Merry Berry Soap
  • Icehoggles Soap
  • Christmas Citrus Soap
  • Golden Pear Soap
  • Shooting Stars Soap
  • Baked Alaska Soap
  • Sugar Plum Fairy Shower Scrub
  • Ro’s Argan Body Conditioner
  • Buck’s Fizz – Gift Size
  • Snow Fairy – Gift Size
  • Christingle Body Conditioner
  • Butterbear Shower Jelly
  • Charity Pot Body Lotion
  • Sleepy Shower Gel
  • Snow Fairy Shower Gel
  • Cinders Shower Gel
  • Sugar Plum Fairy Lip
  • Cranberry Fizz Lip
  • Holly Berry Massage Bar
  • Once Upon A Time – Gift Size Body Lotion
  • Twilight Body Butter
  • Gingerbread Man Body Butter
  • Snow Fairy Body Butter
  • Plum Pudding Bath Oil
  • Star Light Star Bright Bath Oil
  • Snowflake Bubble Bar
  • Yog Nog Yule Log Bubble Bar
  • Candy Mountain Yule Log Bubble Bar
  • Magic Wand Bubble Bar
  • Puddy Holly Bubble Bar
  • Naughty Elf Bubble Bar
  • Candy Cane Bubble Bar
  • Snow Fairy Bath Bomb
  • Cheery Christmas Bath Bomb
  • Holey Night Bath Bomb
  • Perle De Sel Bath Bomb
  • World’s Smallest Disco Bath Bomb
  • Butterbear Bath Bomb
  • Shoot For The Stars Bath Bomb
  • Golden Wonder Bath Bomb
  • Snow Fairy Soap
  • The North Polar Bear Left The Tap On For The Northern Lights And Let Two Years Out In One Go
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Lush Festive Friends Fun for Christmas 2018

Lush Christmas 2018 has arrived and I am so excited about the Lush Festive Friends Fun. The Christmas fun has Red, Green, Gold, Silver, White, Blue, Pink and Black. The scents are Lemon, lime and orange.

I have been waiting for a new Fun combination and while I miss Snow Fairy this is a nice one! I love that it comes in the big roll. Fun can be used as soap, shampoo and bubble bath!

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Lush Christmas Santa’s Belly Shower Jelly Review

The Lush Christmas Santa’s Belly is a wonderful Christmas treat that smells amazing. It has a star anise infusion and fresh apple and grape juices. You can really smell the apple too which I love.

What’s to love?

First up, Santa’s Belly is a fun bath product. It’s a dark red and super jiggly with gold glitter throughout — the glitter is actually plastic-free golden stars. Mine did not have a gold glitter belt but that’s OK.

Santa’s Belly is a bit slippery but easy to use. It’s got a light lather that really made my skin feel amazing. I am definitely going to get another one before Christmas and hopefully a few on the Lush Boxing Day sale.

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Lush Christmas Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb Review

The Lush Christmas Snow Fairy Jelly Bomb smells amazing you just have to get used to the jelly!


What’s to love?

First up the Jelly Bombs are really unique. I have tried the Lush Marmalade Jelly Bomb and Secret Arts so far and the science behind them is so interesting — “Jelly Bombs release a spectacular jelly made from sodium alginate, which comes from a mineral-rich seaweed.” and they are a bit gooey and slimy which takes some getting used to but they do moisturize really well and are tons of fun to play with.

Snow Fairy smells like candy and the pink and white swirls are gorgeous. I prefer this one over the black Secret Arts one.


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Lush Christmas Golden Wonder Bath Bomb Review

The new Christmas Golden Wonder Bath Bomb is amazing! This present shaped bath bomb not only smells amazing but it’s full of surprises too.

What’s to love?

The outside of Golden Wonder is a yellow and white present but the side is what’s so amazing. It’s an explosion of color!


The inside has “glittering golden luster and a sparkling turquoise explosion”. I loved the glitter explosion and the blue shade is so bright and pretty.

The scent is orange and lime and smells really nice. It also has cognac oil for a little spice. I think this one is my new holiday favorite.

You can also get a Giant Golden Wonder from Lush UK. This one is HUGE!

I also create a Lush 2017 Christmas Haul Video!

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Lush Christmas 2017 Man In The Moon Bubble Bar Review

The Lush Christmas 2017 Man In The Moon Bubble Bar is completely adorable and would make a great gift for kids and adults.

What’s to love?

The Lush Christmas 2017 Man In The Moon Bubble Bar is a shimmery gold bar with a blue moon man with a mustache peeking out. The scent is lime and neroli oils and there’s plenty of cocoa butter for soft skin. It also has Olibanum oil  for calmness.

The water turns a nice green from this one with a little shimmer!

Also be sure to check out my Lush Christmas 2017 video haul!

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Lush Christmas Saucy Snowcake Soap

I think the Lush Christmas Saucy Snowcake Soap is one of the prettiest soaps I have seen from Lush. It looks like cherry cheesecake and smells amazing!

What’s to love?

This bumpy soap has a warm side (the bottom) of Fair Trade organic clove infusion and softening soya milk and a fruity side (the top) rose absolute and fruity cranberries. It also has scrubby cashews inside.

Some people have been saying it smells like a cough drop but to me it’s an earthy fruity scent and I like it.

Also be sure to check out my Lush Christ 2017 video haul!