Lush Christmas 2017 Thundersnow Bath Bomb Review

The Lush Christmas 2017 Thundersnow Bath Bomb is a real treat and so perfect for the holidays!

What’s to love?

Thundersnow smells just like mint chocolate chip ice cream and has aqua and light blue swirls and kind of melt like…well ice cream! This one also has popping candy which gives it a little noise too. I love the way this one melts into swirls of blue in the bath. I do hope Lush has more peppermint products coming out in the Spring. I love this scent.

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Lush Golden Pear Soap Review

The Lush Golden Pear Soap is fast becoming a favorite of mine. It’s part of the Lush Christmas 2017 line and available online at Lush UK.

What’s to love?

This pear soap is simply amazing. The center is has 3 colors in the center and it’s so pretty but the smells it’s what’s amazing. It’s fruity and creamy at the same time and has Pear purée, cardamom oil, Murumuru Butter and Organic Agave Syrup.

These would make a great gift too! I am going to pick up a few more before the holidays are over.

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